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AIDS stands for 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome'. It is not funny. I won't make a mockery of such an insidious disease What is the acronym for AIDS? Arse. Injected. Death. Sentence. 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 33% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. Got Aids Yet. 1. share. Report Save. View Entire Discussion (6 Comments) More posts from the Jokes community. Continue browsing in r. AIDS: Apple Infected Disk Syndrome: AIDS: Aircraft Integrated Data Systems: AIDS: Acoustic Intelligence Data System: AIDS: Army Inventory of Data Systems: AIDS: Advanced Integrated Display System: AIDS: Airline-Induced Divorce Syndrome (pilot and flight attendant disease; slang) AIDS: Administrative Information Data System: AIDS: Advanced. What does AIDS stand for? List of 216 AIDS definitions. Top AIDS abbreviation meanings updated April 202

A big list of aids jokes! 44 of them, in fact! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond Funny Acronyms - to make you Smile. Building Acronyms is another one of my favorite pastimes. They are usually formed by using the initial of each word in a group, such as from :North AtlanticTreaty Orgnaization we derive the acronym NATO. I like to create funny acronyms however just for fun, obviously

the fact that AAAA is an acronym is ironic due to its meaning of Americans Against Acronym Abuse The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners

The fork goes on the left of the plate, and the knife and spoon go on the right of the plate. 'Fork' and 'left' both have four letters and 'knife,' 'spoon,' and 'right' each have five Browse and search thousands of Funnies Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource Looking for online definition of AIDS or what AIDS stands for? AIDS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar Everyone declares AIDS is finally humorous, and begin celebrating as a banner, with AIDS is Finally Funny inscribed on it, is unveiled. In a subplot, Cartman devises a scheme to earn money after discovering that Jared did not have to eat sandwiches to lose weight

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Looking for the definition of AIDS? Find out what is the full meaning of AIDS on Abbreviations.com! 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource 'Bacronyms' - Reverse Acronyms. Some acronyms, usually amusing and ironic, are formed in reverse, i.e., by starting with a word, especially a brand name, or an existing acronym, and finding new words to fit each of the letters, for example the 'bacronyms' made from ACRONYM and YAHOO.The amusing term for these types of acronyms is 'backronyms' (or 'bacronyms') AAAAAAAAAAAAA - All Asian, African, American, and Anglo Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse Anonymous (humorous acronym) ACCEPT - Alachua County Continuing Education for Pregnant Teens (Florida, USA) Allen County Continuous Enforcement Probation Track (Indiana, USA) Automated Community Content Editing PorTal ACCESS - Ashworth College Continuing Education for Student Success. Or if you're simply looking for a funny acronym generator, reverse acronym generator, or acronym generator from letters, look no further. An acronym that makes sense can also be a great memory aid. Meaningful acronyms are at best like mantras that help one get to the very core / essence of the topic

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can anyone think of a funny acronym? for example something which stands for aids, cancer or anything else lol... take your time. have u got any that u made up? does it make sense or even is it laughable. share it. Update: i mean like IPOD stands for Im Pissed Off Drunk. Answer Save Alternative Titles: acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, slim AIDS, byname and acronym of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, transmissible disease of the immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

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AIDS acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a serious disease caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which debilitates the immune system. HIV 1 attaches to the CD4 receptor present on T LYMPHOCYTES and MACROPHAGES. The viral RNA enters the host cell and is transcribed by REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE into DNA HIV/AIDS. The Virus- named after the fact that HIV is a lifelong viral infection; Hi-Five (Hi-V), from the 'Hi' combined with the Roman numeral V for five The Bug- a common nickname for a virus; The Deadliest Catch- a play on the name of a popular TV show that indicates the potentially life-threatening nature of an HIV/AIDS diagnosis. AIDS & HIV > AIDS and HIV-related Acronyms. AIDS and HIV-related Acronyms. The most used AIDS and HIV-related acronyms: AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ARV Antiretroviral ART Antiretroviral Therapy CBO Community-Based Organization CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) DS

Glossary of HIV/AIDS Terms: Acronyms and Abbreviations * * Prepared for DMHAP through MSCG/Ryan White Technical Assistance Contract, March 2017. ACA Affordable Care Act ACP ADAP Contract Pharmacy ADAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AETC AIDS Education and Training Center Progra 'But Aids is a major issue made worse by the chaos and the lack of structure in the society.' 'In her speech, she paid tribute to volunteers who take time to care for people living with Aids.' 'He said, hesitantly, that he thought she had done a lot for people with Aids and he had had friends who died of Aids.' A new short film, When AIDS Was Funny, features never-before-heard audio of Reagan's press secretary dismissing the AIDS crisis. Kinsolving asks, spelling out the acronym AIDS When Joan Woehrmann started her ambulance company in Whittier, California, in 1955, she hit on a pretty brilliant acronym: AIDS. The letters stood for attitude, integrity, dependability, and..

Sep 15, 2016 - Explore Kristen Bean's board Financial Aid puns, followed by 120 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about college humor, humor, financial aid This acronym is an acronym that is used as a tool to record and document a patient's responsiveness to determine their level of consciousness. Alert. Voice. Pain. Unresponsive. SLUDGE. SLUDGE is an acronym for the symptoms of discharge of the parasympathetic nervous system that can occur from a drug overdose or ingestion of some poisons

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Acronyms can be a good starter for a devotionals, especially if it is for a short devotional to go along with an already packed monthly meeting. It's a great way to get a topic and you can build your thoughts and add your bible scriptures to go along with it from there. Also, it's something that people can remember. What a great idea DOCTORS' SLANG, MEDICAL SLANG AND MEDICAL ACRONYMS AND VETERINARY ACRONYMS & VET SLANG. These have been mostly collected from around the UK and USA, with a few non-English contributions (many thanks to all contributors from around the globe), so you'll only find a few of them used in any single establishment Funny Acronym Examples. Sometimes the new words acronyms create are as funny as their meetings. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, KISS. LOL - Laugh Out Loud. You're so funny, LOL! MACUSA - Magical Congress of the United States of America. In the Fantastic Beasts movie, she was a member of MACUSA. PHAT. The largest collection of medical humour, jokes, funny quotes, interesting medical facts, medical gossips, fun games & lots more! ← Selective hearing aids for doctors :-) Funny Medical Abbreviations (1) Funny Medical Terminology (1) Games (39) Gastroenterology (1) Genetics (6

A mnemonic—or mnemonic device—can help students remember important facts and principles. Psych Central notes that a mnemonic is a technique people can use to help them improve their ability to remember something, adding Learning the names of the guitar strings in standard tuning is easy when you have something to tie the letters to.. This is exactly why people started making up memory aids: to remember the string names (EADGBE). If you're looking for how to remember the strings on a guitar, here are a couple of mnemonic acronyms you can use. If you know other ones, than leave it as a comment at the bottom of. Funny acronyms!! Next. Solid_Snake. 10 May 07, 12:32. Here are some funny acronyms I came across, pls add to the list if you come across any funny ones. AIDS - After Intercourse Die Standing / Another Idiot Dying Story AUDI - Accelerates Under Demonic Influence BMW - Brings More Wome Acronym / Abbreviations Categories: Astronomy Acronyms (825): Atmospheric Research Center Acronyms (4622): Business And Finance (171): Chatting Acronyms (115): Chemistry Acronyms (14383): Computer Acronyms (Common) (249) Computer And Internet Acronyms (836): Human Genome Acronyms (308): Medical Acronyms (501): Medical Acronyms (Slang) (421) NASA Acronyms (8940): Organizations Acronyms (104 * = Asterisk indicates acronym. 340: 155.340 radio frequency, ambulance to hosp. 3TC: Lamivudine (Epivir) (1 part of triple therapy for HIV) 5-HT: 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) 980: coroner or dead on arrival (local field term

List of Acronyms/Abbreviations . Acronym / Abbreviation Term. AADC. automated area distribution center. AADC price. automated area distribution center pric Numbers (number acronyms) Lists of Facts / Names / Rules in Order (list acronyms) How to Spell Awkward and Long Words (spelling acronyms). In the USA, and other countries, where letters are assigned to number keypads mnemonics are commonly used to advertise and help remember telephone numbers

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Anyone who has served in the military can tell you that acronyms are plentiful, and this document is no exception. The very first chapter opens with an easy-to-remember survival acronym for the tactics recommended throughout the manual: S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. The introduction states, This manual is based entirely on the keyword SURVIVAL. The. Acronyms Abbreviations &Terms A Capability Assurance Job Aid . FEMA P-524 / July 200 Find 25 ways to say HIV, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

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  1. HIV: Acronym for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the cause of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV has also been called the human lymphotropic virus type III, the lymphadenopathy-associated virus and the lymphadenopathy virus.No matter what name is applied, it is a retrovirus. (A retrovirus has an RNA genome and a reverse transcriptase enzyme
  2. utes past the hour. Bells will only be rung as a single strike, or a closely spaced double strike, with a maximum of eight bells (4 sets of 2). Bells repeat themselves every 4 hours. For example 2 sets of 2 bells, followed by a single bell.
  3. Below are definitions, abbreviations, acryonyms, meanings, full forms and medical terms related to Coronavirus COVID-19, provided by Unbound Medicine. 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Initial name of the novel coronavirus discovered in late 2019 in Wuhan, China; later renamed SARS-CoV-2
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  6. Emergency management and disaster preparedness fields use an astonishing number of abbreviations to identify organizations, jobs, roles, tasks, events, objects, places - and, of course, paperwork. To help you navigate the acronym waters, here are definitions for abbreviations you are most likely to encounter. Download our glossary
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band-aid medic bandoliers belts of machine gun ammunition BAR Browning automatic rifle. A .30-caliber magazine-fed automatic rifle used by U.S. troops during World War II and Korea. base camp a resupply base for field units and a location for headquarters of brigade or division size units, artillery batteries and air fields The Easiest Way to Begin Memorizing Guitar Notes and Strings with Acronyms. The six strings of a guitar can be thought of in descending or ascending order. The thickest string is called the 6th string. In standard guitar tuning, this is tuned to E and is often referred to as the low E string, meaning the lowest note you can play. Then moving. Acronyms. An acronym is a word formed from the first letters or groups of letters in a name or phrase. An acrostic is a series of lines from which particular letters (such as the first letters of. View a list of acronyms and abbreviations. CAC - Chancellor's Advisory Committee CACSE - Center For Advanced Computational Science & Engineering (See SDSC) CAD - Computer-Aided Design CADRE - Community Advocates for Disability Rights and Education Cal/OSHA - California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Calit2 - California Institute for Telecommunications & Information Technology.

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CAA — Civil Aviation Authority. CAA — Clean Air Act. CAB — Civil Aeronautics Board. CAC — Citizen's Advisory Committee. CAD — Computer Aided Design. CARES — Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. CARF — Central Altitude Reservation Facility. CASFO — Civil Aviation Security Office. CAT — Category. CAT — Clear — Air Turbulence. CATS — Certification. World AIDS Day is observed on December 1st every year. The first World AIDS Day was observed on December 1, 1988. The international symbol of AIDS awareness, the red ribbon, was adopted in 1991. [8] The first major Hollywood movie to focus on AIDS was the 1993 film Philadelphia. Tom Hanks received a Best Actor Oscar for his performance. [8 What is LOLA? LOLA is an acronym for Laugh Out Loud Aid. LOLA was created by Tech Kids Unlimited, a not-for-profit technology education organization, to provide social and emotional solutions for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning and neurological differences through the use of humor.. Download Flyer. Watch the video below to learn more about LOLA and the people.

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  1. ology and Slang Reference 100mph Tape : Standard issue Army green duct tape. Called 100mph tape due to the belief it can withstand speeds of up to 100 mph when slapped on holes
  2. By Molly Lewis. So many wrist bones, so little time- how to remember them all? Try these mnemonics! There are about a million mnemonics out there for the bones of your wrist (AKA carpals), some with higher moral standards than others :)
  3. World AIDS day is observed on 1st December every year. Purpose of this day is to unite people in the fights against HIV AIDS, to support the people living with AIDS and to commemorate those who have died because of AIDS. This day was founded in 1988 and was the first ever global health day
  4. Military Acronyms Let's face it, the Military loves their acronyms. It doesn't matter if you're a new recruit, seasoned operator or the spouse of a soldier, you're going to eventually come up.
  5. 167 CATCHY and FUNNY SAFETY SLOGANS FOR WORKPLACES 2020 Find The Best, Catchy Safety Slogans for Your Workplace STOP PRESS: Researchers Reveal the Top 10 Most Effective Safety Slogans Ever CLICK HERE 500 OF THE BEST WORKPLACE HEALTH and SAFETY SLOGANS DOWNLOAD OUR HUGE LIST OF SAFETY SLOGANS HERE: Visit this page if you are [
  6. What does ARP stand for? List of 588 ARP definitions. Top ARP abbreviation meanings updated April 202

List of initialisms, acronyms (words made from parts of other words, pronounceable), and other abbreviations used by the government and the military of the United States. Note that this list is intended to be specific to the United States government and military—other nations will have their own acronyms Military Acronyms & Abbreviations Here is a long list of military acronyms, abbreviations and associated terms including slang, informal and Department of Defense (DOD) approved terminology. Browse through the acronym list letter by letter or use the search box to quickly look up an acronym and its meaning Texting slang involves sending shortened messages between mobile devices. This texting slang dictionary helps you quickly find all the most common abbreviations In this video, AIDS United presents its first piece in a series of Google Hangouts addressing the realities of living with HIV and AIDS among gay and bisexual men of color. The video was released. HIV human immunodeficiency virus. HIV-positive having a positive reaction on a test for the human immunodeficiency virus; used to indicate that an individual has been infected with the human immunodeficiency virus but does not yet have AIDS. Persons who are HIV-positive require sensitive counseling, information regarding transmission of the virus, and.

An acronym mnemonic forms a word from the first letters or groups of letters in a name, list, or phrase. Each letter in the acronym acts as a cue. For example, ROY G. BIV helps students remember the order of the colors of the spectrum: R ed, O range, Y ellow, G reen, B lue, I ndigo, V iole In this episode on HIV / AIDS education and awareness, Nicolas and Marla talk about the effect that HIV / AIDS can have on people living with the virus: Two.. When it comes to survival guides, there are a lot of options on the market — we reviewed a (literal) handful of pocket-sized guides back in Issue 15. Each of these publications takes its own approach to the subject, with some specializing primarily in bushcraft techniques, first aid skills, or response to a manmade or natural disaster

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Acronym definition is - a word (such as NATO, radar, or laser) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term; also : an abbreviation (such as FBI) formed from initial letters : initialism. How to use acronym in a sentence. Did You Know SCS is an abbreviation of Spinal Cord Stimulation. In this treatment option, a small device is implanted into a patient's body, and small electrical currents are sent to the spinal nerves in order to block pain signals. Read more about spinal cord stimulation on our previous blog. These are just a few of the many acronyms used by spine surgeons THE R.A.C.E. ACRONYM AND FIRE EXTINGUISHER USE If you are involved in a fire, remember R.A.C.E. to help you respond safely and correctly: R = RESCUE anyone in immediate danger from the fire, if it does not endanger your life A = ALARM: sound the alarm by calling 2600 (on-campus locations only) and activating a pull station alarm bo Try this activity again, but this time use a different type of mnemonic, such as an acronym, a funny sentence that uses all of the words on a list and/or words that rhyme Ministry-To-Children.com helps you tell kids about Jesus by providing age-appropriate Bible study material and Sunday School curriculum - all 100% free online.. We believe that God is the loving Father of all kids. It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith

Acronym definition, a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word, as Wac from Women's Army Corps,OPEC from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or loran from long-range navigation. See more The list usually includes map and compass, sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), extra layers, fire starting materials (lighter, matches, tinder), snacks, first aid supplies, illumination (flashlight or headlamp) and various camp tools (knife, axe, trowel). Check out my Ultimate Backpacking Checklist for a full list of overnight essentials

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Rather than refer to a boring bill number, the acronym or short title rolls easily off a person's tongue. It is easier for people to remember, Mollineau said about the SACRIFICE Act There are over 3,000 acronyms covering the automotive industry. SMMT have pulled most of the together for your reference her In internet culture, the stonks meme is considered a so-called surreal meme, which is meant to be strange and absurd.(See our entry at dank memes.)The figure in the stonks meme is known as the Meme Man, a kind of recurring, stock character (like Wojak) in meme culture.Deliberate misspellings—such as rendering stocks as stonks—are popular in internet culture The acronym RICE is a mnemonic for first aid treatment of soft tissue injuries such as bruises, sprains and strains. Its goal is not to cure the medical problem, but to manage discomfort and internal bleeding. RICE typically stands for: - R: Rest the injured part, and Reassure the patient

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Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 1 Apr 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 5 Apr 2021), ASHP (updated 6 Apr 2021. Continued. Eleven to 12 Years The following vaccines are recommended for 11- and12-year-olds: Tetanus-diphtheria-acellular peruses vaccine (Tdap). Adolescents aged 11 to 18 should get one dose of. Abbreviations and acronyms are shortened forms of words or phrases. An abbreviation is typically a shortened form of words used to represent the whole (such as Dr. or Prof.) while an acronym contains a set of initial letters from a phrase that usually form another word (such as radar or scuba) Acronyms can be words formed by the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word. Think NASA or SCUBA or FOMO. Then again, acronyms can be a set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately. Think BDE or BBC

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Lol is an acronym of laugh out loud.It can be used as an interjection and a verb. Lol is one of the most common slang terms in electronic communications.; Even though it means laugh out loud, lol is mostly used to indicate smiling or slight amusement FAA Home Jobs Acronyms and Abbreviations Acronyms and Abbreviations. Share; Share on Facebook; Tweet on Twitter; DBA?MWP?SMT?Not a problem. Find out what these mean to get familiar with the different abbreviated names for various operations, lines of business, and programs The hearing aids were programmed to each manufacturer's proprietary fitting algorithm. OVP and the Occlusion Effect . There are two issues that could cause own-voice problems regarding own-voice naturalness: the amplified signal from the hearing aid (which is what we have been discussing) and what is commonly called the occlusion effect..

SHARING is defined as Statewide HIV AIDS Resources and Information Network Guide very rarely. SHARING stands for Statewide HIV AIDS Resources and Information Network Guide. Printer friendly. Over 3 million unverified definitions of abbreviations and acronyms in Acronym Attic. For verified definitions visit AcronymFinder.co

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