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Naturally, the higher the purchase price, the higher the interest amount you will pay. Hence, if you have the cash in savings necessary to pay for the full amount of the purchase price without affecting your monthly cash flow or expenses significantly, you might want to just bite the bullet and pay the full amount in cash up front Hire Purchase price = Cash Price + Total Interest the cash price of the goods, cash price means the price at which goods may be purchased against cash payment. the hire-purchase price, hire purchase price means the total amount which is payable by the hire-purchaser under the agreement. the date on which the hire-purchase agreement will commence Suppose, a colour T.V. set whose cash price is Rs 14,100 is sold on hire purchase basis for 12 quarterly payments of Rs 1,500 each, the first payment being made at the end of the first quarter. The total of all payments is Rs 18,000. The cash price is Rs 14,100. Hence Rs 3,900 is the interest for all the 12 quarters

The hire purchase price is higher than the cash price. Example: The marked price of a freezer is $3000.00. There is a discount of 15% for cash payment. To obtain the freezer on hire purchase, a deposit of $595.00 and 18 monthly instalments of $159.50 each are required. (Ex 5j page 189) Calculate: a) The cash price Example: Cash Price = Rs. 50,000 Down payment - Rs. 20,000 and balance payable in 3 equal annual instalments plus interest. Rate of Interest - 9 % p.a. Solution: Annual Instalment = 30,000 3 = 10,000 plus interest In this question interest shall be calculated every year and shall be added to 10,000 to find total amount of instalment paid

Hire Purchase vs Cash Purchase: Which Is Better

The answer of A car is purchased on hire-purchase. The cash price is $21 000 and the terms are a deposit of 10% of the price, then the balance to be pai The interest on a hire purchase loan is always charged at a simple interest rate and only charged on the amount owing. Most agreements require that a deposit is paid before the product can be taken by the customer. The principal amount of the loan is therefore the cash price minus the deposit

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  1. Further, the agreed instalments include price plus interest on the asset provided on credit to the hire purchaser. In this way, the final amount that is being paid in the form of instalments during the course of time and the down payment made will be higher in comparison to the cash down price of the asset
  2. The consideration is in the form of Hire Purchase Price (HPP) which includes cash down payment and instalments. The hire purchase price is normally higher than the cash price of the article because interest charges are included in that price. The instalment paid by the hirer at periodical intervals up to a specified period
  3. e the monthly installment. 2m 46s 15
  4. Praveen purchase a plant costing Rs.40,000 on 1-4-2000 from Rajan Electronics Ltd., under Hire Purchase System, the terms being: Rs.10,000 down and the balance in the three equal annual installments together with interest at 20% p.a. on the outstanding cash price
  5. In each store the employee was asked questions on the cash price and additional Hire Purchase plans available for the chosen 32inch TV.The information/data was collected as follows: a) 3 months for cash b) 1 year at regular price c) Down payment of 25% and 24 equal monthly installments .3 months for cash 5% interest was added to the regular.
  6. A hire purchase (HP), also known as an installment plan or the never-never, is an arrangement whereby a customer agrees to a contract to acquire an asset by paying an initial installment (e.g., 40% of the total) and repays the balance of the price of the asset plus interest over a period of time.Other analogous practices are described as closed-end leasing or rent to own

Hire Purchase and Installment Purchase Exercise 2.3.5. 1.A wash machine costs 10,200 cash down. It was bought by paying a down payment of 2,000 and the balance was agreed to be paid in 6 equal monthly installments of 1,500 each find the rate of interest difference between the hire purchase and the cash price as a percentage of the retail price. Answer 38.3% 7. A computer can be bought on hire purchase by making a deposit of $1360 and 40 monthly installments of $442 each. Calculate the hire purchase price of the computer. Answer $19040 8. The marked price of a radio is $3,000 The cash price of a machine is Rs. 1,20,000 and its hire purchase price is Rs. 1,50,000 to be paid in five equal yearly installments. If a company purchases the machine on hire purchase basis, the amount of capital expenditure will be _____ A purchase price based on a debt free / cash free basis is the same as a purchase price based on the Enterprise Value of a firm? A cash free / debt free deal is only relevant if the acquiror is NOT assuming any debt of the target (i.e., all debt has a change of control clause that triggers automatic repayment), correct Here is the video about Hire Purchase system calculation of Interest and cash price.. In this video we have seen how to calculate Interest and cash price whe..

Calculation of Interest and Cash Price in Installment Syste

The total amount payable less its cash price is equal to Interest. 9. In Hire purchase system depreciation is calculated on cash price of the assets purchased. 10. In hire purchase system , the interest is calculated on each instalment on the outstanding cash price of the instalment. (True /False) Calculate the following:- 1. Deepali has. Hire purchase is a contract between two parties where a purchaser agrees to pay for goods in parts. The hire purchase agreement was first initiated in the United Kingdom for situations where the buyer could not afford to pay the required price for an item as a lump sum but could afford to pay at regular intervals small amounts

  1. Find the total hire purchase price; Find the price of a cash purchase of the same item; Deduct the cash price (2) from the total hire purchase price (1) For example: A garage offers two prices for the same car. The car will cost you €12,000 if you buy it outright with cash
  2. The price is $7000, but the store offers Alex a hire purchase agreement. Under this agreement, Alex would pay a deposit of $500 and equal monthly instalments of $220 over 3 years. a. How much will the computer system cost Alex if he agrees to this plan? b. How much interest will Alex have to pay under the terms of this agreement? HIRE PURCHASE.
  3. 21. In Hire Purchase system cash price plus interest is known as (a) Capital value of asset (b) Book value of asset (c) Hire purchase price of asset (d) Hire purchase charges 22. Which one is/ are the method/s of Accounting for Branches (a) Final Accounts Method; (b) Debtors Method and (c) Stock and Debtors Method
  4. (b) Where the hire purchase is not less than Rs. 15,000, three fourth of hire-purchase price has been paid. However this proportion in case of motor vehicles is as under: (a) One half, where the hire purchase price is less than Rs. 5,000. (b) Three fourths, where the hire purchase price is not less than Rs. 5,000 but less than Rs. 15,000
  5. As a general rule, the price of a Hire Purchase is calculated as follows: Calculate the interest on the amount you are borrowing; Divide the interest by the total number of payments you will be making; With a lease agreement such as Contract Hire, there tend to be considerably more discounts available to customers than there are for a finance.
  6. A car is purchased on hire-purchase. The cash price is $21 000 and the terms are a deposit of 10% of the price, then the balance to be paid off over 60 equal monthly instalments. Interest is charged at 12% p.a

Cash Flow. Since there is no purchase of an asset in hire purchase, the cash flow is limited up to the hire purchase installments. Whereas in a case of the term loan, the cash flow includes down-payment, loan received, purchase of asset and installment paid at the required time Hire purchase agreements are available for B2B and B2C transactions. List of the Advantages of Hire Purchase 1. Items can be repossessed if payments are not made. A hire purchase arrangement is beneficial because it reduces the risk of the provider for the consumer goods involved

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The cash price is the amount paid for commodities on the spot market, where large manufacturers commonly purchase the commodities they need for production in their factories. Commodities are. A. Hire Purchase Act 1972. B. Hire Purchase Act 1973. C. Hire Purchase Act 1974. D. Hire Purchase Act 1975. ANSWER: A 128. Installment system is governed by _____. A. Hire Purchase Act. B. Sale of Goods Act. C. Installment Act. D. Properties Registration Act. ANSWER: B 129. Under hire purchase system, the retail price of the articles is calle Cost-plus purchasing describes a contract where buyers set a maximum price per unit in advance for an agreed time period to protect themselves from variations in a product's price False Vendor selection is much more difficult if you are part of a national chain restaurant compan cash price plus interest is a .installment price b.hire purchase price c. Maximum retail price D. retail price - 3238092 Take Advantage of upfront GST on Hire Purchase Price August 20, 2018 Claim input tax credits upfront on all cost component plus interest, instead of waiting until each instalment is paid

Interest = Hire Purchase Price Cash Price Hire Purchase Price = Down Payment +Tota1 Instalment Amount Interest = 15,000+ 15,000x3 = 60,000 = 60,000 - 56,000 = 4,000 The amount of interest in each instalment is calculated by taking a ratio of outstanding amount. Unpaid amount on 1-1-2010 Unpaid amount on 1-1-2011 Unpaid amount on 1-1-2012 45,00 26 Accounting for Hire Purchase Practice in Accountancy 3 Journal Entries for Hire Purchase In the books of Hire Purchase Vendor In the books of Hire Purchase Customer 1. When asset is sold 1. When asset is purchased H.P. Customer A/c (Total Cash Price) Dr. Asset A/c (Total Cash Price) Dr. To H.P. Sales A/c To H.P. Vendor's A/c 2 In other words, the purchase price of a house should equal the total amount of the mortgage loan and the down payment. Often, a down payment for a home is expressed as a percentage of the purchase price. As an example, for a $250,000 home, a down payment of 3.5% is $8,750, while 20% is $50,000. Closing Cost

A car is purchased on hire-purchase

If you're considering buying a home with cash, make sure you know what that means for your bottom line and long-term financial goals. Running the Numbers. The logical starting place in the decision to finance or pay with cash is the cost to borrow. According to Zillow, the median home price in the U.S. is $248,857 as of early May 2020. Example: hire purchase agreement entered into on or after 1 July 2012. Continuing the example above, Albert decides to buy a second freezer on hire purchase from Friendly, on the same terms as above, on 20 July 2012. Because the agreement is entered into after 1 July 2012, both the principal and interest component of the supply are subject to GST Example 1: $800 of inventory is purchased for cash, FOB shipping point. In a separate transaction, the purchaser pays $100 of shipping charges to the shipping company, which are added to the cost of the inventory. Therefore the total cost of the inventory purchased is $800 purchase price + $100 shipping charges: Merchandise Inventory 800 Cash 80

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  1. Hire purchase is governed by Hire Purchase Act in 1972. The agreement must fulfil legal requirements of the Indian Contract Act 1972 and the Sale of Goods Act 1930, as the case may be. A hire purchase agreement is a legal document which includes clauses stating the terms and conditions between the parties
  2. 2. Rate of hire purchase interest: 15% on outstanding balances calculated at half-yearly interest 3. Depreciation rate: 20% per annum straight line method to be charge full in the year of acquisition and none in the year of disposal. Required: (a) Calculate the hire purchase price. (2 marks) (b) Calculate interest for each instalment
  3. Using the purchase price of $200,000 and the appraised value of $210,000, the price could be renegotiated to $206,000 with $6,000 in seller paid closing costs. Depending on the interest rate and possible PMI, it's likely that the monthly payment would increase $25 - $40 per month

Car is purchased on hire-purchase

Often, as is the case for auto loans, the lessee has the option of purchasing the asset for this price when the lease is up. For example, an auto lease may specify a residual value of $15,000 when the lease is up in 3 years. At that time, the lessee has the right, but usually not the obligation, to purchase the vehicle for $15,000 Updated August 21, 2020: What is a Restricted Stock Unit? A Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) refers to a grant of a value equal to an amount of a company's common stock.The RSU is typically granted to a new or valuable employee as an incentive for employment or to meet specified performance goals.In the case of a new employee, the RSU plan is commonly included as part of the employee's initial.

Leather interior 360 degree cameras Panoramic roof Climate control Lots of extras ASKING PRICE KSH. 8,500, 000/= ️ WE ACCEPT: ️ CASH ️ HIRE PURCHASE: Pay at least 50% and balance in 30 equal monthly instalments ️ Trade ins See Mor Auto Hire-Purchase Securitization: Thai Cars l Tru -way and Tisco are Thai finance l Tru Lease sold the rights to the cash receipts to Thai Cars Limited, a special-purpose Amount of Baht equal to the Baht Notes purchase price (equivalent of $250M) Amount in US$ equal to gross proceeds of the issu Take a Test. JAMB; JSCE; JUPEB; NECO; Post-UTME; WAEC; Top Quiz. JSS1: Practice Questions; JSS2: Practice Questions; JSS3: Practice Questions; Senior Year 1 (SS1.

Hire Purchase (or HP, for short) is a simple finance option designed to help you purchase a car via monthly instalments. Once you have paid your final instalment and the option to purchase fee, you'll own the car. The agreement can be broken down into three easy steps: Flexible Deposit. Fixed monthly payments. Ownership at the end of agreement Hire purchase is a form of finance that can be used to buy a new or used car. You essentially HIRE the car over the contract period, with the option to PURCHASE it at the end. To this end, you normally pay an upfront deposit, followed by monthly instalments until the amount you owe has been repaid Hire purchase is a contract between a vendor and a buyer where the buyer agrees to pay the price of an item in part (which may be a fixed percentage of the total price). These installments are decided on the basis of the full price plus interest divided by the duration of the contract thus, arriving upon the installment

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How Ford Hire Purchase works Deposit : - Your deposit is deducted from the price of the car Monthly Payments : - The balance plus any interest and fees is divided in to equal monthly payments depending on the length of your agreement To derive the price of this product, ABC adds together the stated costs to arrive at a total cost of $33.75, and then multiplies this amount by (1 + 0.30) to arrive at the product price of $43.88. Advantages of Cost Plus Pricing. The following are advantages to using the cost plus pricing method: Simple Price is the invoice price, which is equal to the quoted price plus accrued interest. (Refer to the article on Invoice Price if you'd like a to learn more about these concepts). We must divide the coupon by 2 because it is quoted in annual terms but paid semi-annually—each payment is really half the coupon rate 100 percent (100%) = 100 parts per 100 = 100/100 = 1 (a portion equal to a whole) 110 percent (110%) = 110 parts per 100 = 110/100 = 1.1 (a portion greater than a whole) Percentage: An amount per 100 that refers to a portion of a whole (in a general way) typically without using a specific number. Percent vs. Percentag The hire purchase price of the television is 20% more than its cash price. The cash price of a television set is sh 18,000. Songok bought the television on hire purchase by paying 40% of the hire purchase price as deposit and the balance in equal monthly installments of sh 1,620

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  1. Calculate the selling price you need to establish in order to acheive a desired gross margin on a known product cost. Also calculate mark up percentage on the product cost and the dollar value of the gross profit. Online price calculator. Free Online Financial Calculators from Free Online Calculator .net and now CalculatorSoup.com
  2. IAS 17 prescribes the accounting policies and disclosures applicable to leases, both for lessees and lessors. Leases are required to be classified as either finance leases (which transfer substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership, and give rise to asset and liability recognition by the lessee and a receivable by the lessor) and operating leases (which result in expense recognition.
  3. For motor vehicles, the cash price should be reflected as — Total interest plus total fees/charges (item 7 + item 10) 12. ADDITIONAL CHARGES the owner will impose for assignment of right, title and interest under the hire-purchase agreement to new owner: 18
  4. ed price or return the goods to the owner. In Canada and.
  5. (1) The fair value of the 20% non-controlling interest in S will not necessarily be proportionate to the price paid by P for its 80% interest, primarily due to any control premium or discount [IFRS 3.B45] (2) Calculated as 20% of the fair value of the net assets of 600
  6. The cash price of a T.V. set was sh 22000. Maria bought the T.V. set on hire purchase terms. The cash price of a T.V. set was sh 22000. Maria bought the T.V. set on hire purchase terms. She was allowed to pay a deposit equal to 40% of the cash price and eight equal monthly installments of sh 2800. How much more money did she pay than the cash.
  7. Another disadvantage of hire purchase is the presence of interest rate which is quite high which in turn results in higher cost of asset to the buyer and hence in a way a buyer will have to pay more in case of hire purchase of asset than cash purchase of asset if one ignores opportunity cost of capital

The financed price, or the maximum amount the lender can loan relative to the home's value, is expressed in terms of a loan-to-value ratio. An 80 percent LTV is standard, fetching you the best loan terms and interest rate; however, lenders may allow a higher LTV under certain loan programs Sunshine company sells goods for cash and on hire purchase and latter being the cash retail price plus 12.5% there on. Following are the particulars for the year ended 31st December; 2007. Rs. Stock with hire purchase (at hire purchase price) with customers on 1.1.2007 Purchase during the year : 29,700 1,58,400 Hire purchase (HP) is a way to pay for a vehicle without forking out its full value at the outset. As a customer, you'll typically pay a deposit upfront, and then the remainder of the balance, plus any interest, is split over a set period of time. Paying the balance in monthly installments tends to be the norm

Arbitrage opportunities arise if the forward (futures) price is too high relative to the spot price. In particular, the forward (futures) price should always be bounded above by the spot price plus the net carry charge to the delivery date. That is, FO(0)≤ S(0)+AI(0,T)+π(0,T)−G(0,T Hire purchase and conditional sale. Conditional sale is similar to hire purchase but you'll own the car at the end of a conditional sale agreement. There is no 'Option to Purchase' fee payable, like there is with a hire purchase, so you'll automatically become the vehicle owner once you've made all your repayments to your lender Cash example: Sale price is $20,000. Buyer pays you $20,000 cash and you give them 100% ownership via transfer of Title(s). A payment buyer is any buyer that has a Down Payment and monthly income to pay you over-time for the sales price of your mobile home

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Anywhere in the neighborhood of 1% of the purchase price is customary, but putting down more will likely signal to the seller that you're a serious buyer. Just keep in mind that the seller might be entitled to retain your deposit if you decide that you don't want the property after all and you default under the terms of the contract Under a Commercial Hire Purchase, the entire GST component of the asset's acquisition price can be claimed back on the entity's next Business Activity Statement (where the entity is GST registered and using the 'Cash' or 'Accruals' method), rather than claiming the GST over the term of the finance contract

5 Interest on the hire purchase agreement. Of each of my monthly payments to the hire purchase company, £12.57 is interest. So I'd enter a monthly manual bank transaction from the hire purchase bank account, with type 'Payment' and category 'Interest Payable', like this.. Using this method means the capital asset is included in full in my accounts, so is the amount I owe to the hire purchase. Purchase of Business: A company may start an entirely new business or it may start with buying an existing business, either that of a partnership or of a limited company. Frequently, later in its life a company buys businesses. The purchase price or purchase considerate may be discharged in the form of shares debentures or cash If the stock price appreciates 0.20 to 8.20, the investor will experience a 5% return:(0.20 dividend + 0.20 stock appreciation) / (8.00 current value of stock). When, instead, the company doubles the dividend (dividend growth) to 0.40, while the stock price remains at 8.00, the investor also experiences a 5% return The Conversion Price is one of two prices: the Safe Price or the Discount Price, and the SAFE Investors get to use whichever price is lower. SAFE Price. The Safe Price refers to the valuation cap price. It is defined as: Safe Price means the price per share equal to the Valuation Cap divided by the Company Capitalization

Our rent was equal to his payments on the mortgage, so we basically paid the mortgage for 7 years. The home is now valued at $320k. The amount left on the original loan is around $60k. We are now wanting to purchase the home for an agreed upon price of $120k plus add another $30k for some improvements, so a total loan of $150k. Is this doable An investor who examines the cash flow might be discouraged to see that the business made just $2,500 ($10,000 profit minus $7,500 equipment expenses). To counterpoint, Sherry's accountants explain that the $7,500 machine expense must be allocated over the entire five-year period when the machine is expected to benefit the company There are five types of finance available when purchasing a new truck, all alternatives to obtaining a loan in order to make a cash purchase: Hire Hire purchase. Usually spreading the purchase cost over three years to five years, hire purchase agreements typically require a 10% deposit followed by regular payments Dinesh Ltd. on 1st April 2015, purchased a machine from Rajesh Ltd. on hire purchase basis. The cash price of the machine was Rs 25,000. The payment was to be made Rs 5,000 on the date of the contract and the balance in four annual instalments of Rs. 5,000 each plus interest at 5% per annum payable on December 31st each year, and the first such instalment being payable on 31.12. 2015 cash price definition: 1. the price of a product that is being sold in a cash market: 2. the price of a product if you. Learn more

Hire Purchase X A Hire Purchase (HP) agreement. An initial deposit is made by way of cash and / or part-exchange, followed by a number of equal monthly payments The selling price is equal to the cost price plus the mark-up. In this example, the selling price is 100% + 120% = 220% of the cost price. Cost price = 100/220 x selling price = 100/220 x $25 = $11.36 So the cost was $11.36, the increase (mark-up) was $13.64, bringing our selling price to $25. Hope that has helped simplify things a bit Selling price minus residual value: $20,000 - $9,000 = $11,000 (this $11,000 is the depreciation amount and is the basis for your lease) $11,000 divided by 36 months = $305.55 per month (before. Other things being equal, when comparing the price of two stocks in the same sector, the investor should prefer the one with the lowest PE. PCF Multiple - It is a measure of the market's expectations of a firm's future financial health. This measure deals with cash flow, the effects of depreciation and other non-cash factors are removed

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X purchased 3 cars for a total cash price of Rs.4,50,000 on hire purchase basis on 1st January 2010. The terms of agreement provided for Rs.1,35,000 as cash down and the balance of the cash price in three equal annual instalments together with interest @ 10% p.a Less than or equal to S$20,000: 70% of purchase price or market value, whichever is lower: Up to maximum of 7 years : More than S$20,000: 60% of purchase price or market value, whichever is lower: Up to maximum of 7 year Hire purchase: Higher prices Problem debt in the rent to own market Hamse Yusuf Joe Lane . Contents Summary 2 1 Hire purchase issues are a broader category than rent to own shops and includes vehicle hire purchase debts. Cash Price: £497.86 Delivery and Installation: £3 **300/month payment based on a vehicle price of $21,400, down payment of $4,280, with $17,120 financed for a 72-month term at 7.94% APR. For qualified buyers only

The Hire-Purchase Act, 1972 - Indian Kanoo

In an asset purchase, the buyer's primary tax concern is to apportion as much of the purchase price as possible to those assets that will depreciate the fastest. Section 167 of the Internal Revenue Code* provides for a depreciation deduction of certain property from taxable gross income, therefore, the shorter the depreciation period is, the. The bid price in a hostile takeover is generally above the price before the $732 Profit After Tax plus $1500 Depreciation = $2,232 Cash Flow . 15. Which of the discounts to customers who pay with cash rather than buy on credit and then using the funds that come in quicker to purchase additional inventories is an example of window. But, if I were the lender, I would certainly want a professional opinion saying if the reason a contract price seems higher than most sales in an area is becuase the buyer and seller agreed to include a big screen TV, pool table, and $20,000 cash at closing credit and decided to add the value of these items into the price or the real.

Difference Between Sale and Hire Purchase (with Comparison

The deposit is usually an amount equal to 3 monthly rentals. The initial rental can be any amount between 0% and 50% of the on the road cash price.* At the end of term of the agreement You can choose to either part-exchange, purchase or return the vehicle - your options are open until the end of the agreement What is the purchase price of a bond that is issued on May 1, 2002 for 22 years at a coupon rate of 9.4% compounded semi-annually? The purchase date of the bond is May 11, 2007 and the yield rate is 8.5% compounded semi-annually. The bond has a face value of $5000 and is redeemable at par. A) $4513.30 B) $5413.30 C) $5431.30 D) $4531.30 E) $4533.3

Difference Between Hire Purchasing and Leasing (with

Finally, divide the gross price by the sales tax rate plus one. This gives you the net sales price. An example Let's say that you bought a DVD, and your credit card statement shows that you paid. Step 3: Journal entries. January 1, 2017. DR Equipment 164,995. CR Cash 28,500. CR Lease Liability 136,495 . The equipment account is debited by the present value of the minimum lease payments and the lease liability account is the difference between the value of the equipment and cash paid at the beginning of the year

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Owner in need of urgent cash and has authorised me to give it away at 590k. Cash/bank purchase only; no hire purchase or installment payments. I know the history of the car and I can confidently tell you this is the real deal. Call 0719-222-430 for test drive and viewing. Price is super discounted, so not negotiable at all.. The bond price can be calculated using the present value approach. Bond valuation is the determination of the fair price of a bond. As with any security or capital investment, the theoretical fair value of a bond is the present value of the stream of cash flows it is expected to generate

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