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Cassette Player-Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter- Powered by Battery or USB,Convert Walkman Tape Cassette to MP3, Compatible with Laptop and PC, USB Cable,Software CD,3.5mm Jack Earphone-DIGITNOW 3.7 out of 5 stars 1,46 Premium local service for audio cassettes to CD. Stores in MA, NY, RI, NH, ME & CT. Featured in Boston Globe. Track splitting for music tapes Our technicians are standing by ready to perform CPR on your old cassette tapes by converting them to the digital age. Our cassette to digital transfer service will digitize the content to CD and .wav file. When we are finished, it will be like getting that mixtape from your summer camp crush all over again. Put those headphones on and relive 1985

Cassettes to CD or Digital To achieve the best quality and consistency, we offer a one-to-one transfer for audio cassette tapes. Each side of the tape is carefully recorded from beginning to end in one take to ensure we never miss a beat. All that said, track separation is not something we offer, however you can download this awesome, free. Without converting your audio cassette tapes to digital formats, you risk losing the music you loved, but more importantly, the memories that helped shaped your youth. Long before .mp3 stood for anything other than an odd sequence of letters, decimals and numbers, we strutted around in Walkmans blasting our favorite cassette tape jams With 18 years of experience Forever Studios audio conversion experts transfer your audio cassettes to CD, record albums to CD, and audio reels to CD or MP3. Your memories never leave our hands DIGITNOW Cassette Tape To MP3 CD Converter Via USB, Mini Personal cassette mp3 7.9 7.4 8.0 8: USB Cassette Capture to iPod MP3 CD File Converter Audio Music Player Recorder 7. Transfer Cassette To Cd in Cincinnati on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best CD, DVD & Cassette Duplicating Services in Cincinnati, OH

Insert a blank CD into your computer's CD writer and burn your CD. Your transfer of cassette to cd is complete! Very important:Before you start to convert audio tapes to CD. 1. Always record at low levels. Too high levels will distort and are impossible to fix 2. Before playing the cassette, clean the cassette player's head with a cleaning. Cassette Player-Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter- Powered by Battery or USB,Convert Walkman Tape Cassette to MP3, Compatible with Laptop and PC, USB Cable,Software CD,3.5mm Jack Earphone-DIGITNOW 3.7 out of 5 stars 1,82 Product Title EEEkit Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter via USB, Po Average rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars, based on 12 reviews 12 ratings Current Price $25.98 $ 25 . 98 List List Price $37.48 $ 37 . 4 Cassette To Cd Transfer in Melbourne on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best CD, DVD & Cassette Duplicating Services in Melbourne, FL

Once the initial audio cassette to CD transfer is completed, we store your files to our in-house computers. From there, the audio cassette transfer is run through our powerful audio editing tools which allow the audio cassette transfer technician to determine the sound quality of the cassette tape to CD transfer Custom audio CDs made from Audio Cassettes, Micro-Cassettes, DAT, 8-Track Tapes and Reel-to-Reel tapes! (Click here for reel to reel tapes.) (Click here for LPs, 45s & 78s) (Click here for film or video tape to DVD) We will take your old tape and make a clean sounding CD without TAPE NOISE Convert Cassette to Digital & Transfer Cassette tape to CD Services. DiscMasters convert cassette to digital service stands ready to help transfer cassette tape to CD, wav, mp3, or a host of other digital audio formats with fast/friendly service and affordable pricing options, we give you the flexibility to customize your service in one easy click Works Perfect also converts old vinyl record albums, audio reels, mini discs, DAT tape, micro cassettes, mini cassette, audio files and audio cassette tapes to digital MP3 or WAV files. We can copy your converted files to a CD Our Audio Cassette to CD Transfer Process. Audio cassette tapes have been used for many purposes over the years beyond just pre-recorded music albums that you may have purchased at the store. Many people used home cassette tape recorders to capture precious memories such as music and vocal recitals, wedding audio, speeches, interviews, sermons.

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Shop for convert cassette to cd at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-u Tape to CD Transfer. Save your memories onto certified CD media sure to last 20+ years! You are responsible for packing and shipping your Cassette Tapes to us, we suggest using USPS Media Mail rate, as it's appropriate and inexpensive. Cassette Tape to CD Audio Conversion $1 If Ryan had a lot of tapes to convert, he could buy a product from Crosley. They make devices that digitize cassettes or albums, and can actually burn CDs or DVDs from these. Use a cassette player and a computer. Take the audio out from the cassette player (Ryan could even use the headphone jack) and plug it into the line-in of the computer

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  1. It will be impossible to listen to or transfer a cassette tape to CD, mp3 or digital without a cassette player. The sound quality on cassettes gets worse with every year that goes by audio information gradually disappears from the tape. The time to convert your tapes to CD or MP3 is now before they get any worse
  2. http://www.kosspa.com/cassette-to-cd-converter for the best audio cassette tape to CD converter machine.Audio cassettes deteriorate with time or get eaten.
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  4. Cassette Transfer Services by Current Pixel® If you're looking to convert cassettes to CD or MP3 digital files, then you've come to the right place.Imagine being able to listen to your band's demo tapes or greatest hits, those funny recordings you made in your youth, or that coveted limited release from your favorite local artist
  5. Current Pixel® can convert your old cassette tapes into a digital audio version that you can easily access and enjoy. Starting as a locally-focused company based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Current Pixel has over 34 years of experience pioneering the media conversion industry
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Browse cassette+to+cd+converter on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings Audio Cassette Tapes to CD Transfer Conversion; CD Duplication; Conversions - Transfer Video Tape to DVD or Hard Drive; Convert Home Movie Videos to DVD; Digital Archiving; DVD and CD Duplication; DVD and CD Production Services; Family Services; Film Transfer to DVD or Hard Drive 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm; Film/Photo; Graphic Design; Photo. 78 to CD: $10.00; 8 Track to CD: $10.00; Micro Cassette to CD: $15.00; Cassette Tape to CD: $10.00; Cell Phone Audio to CD: $15.00; LP, Cassette, or CD to USB Flash Drive: $25.00 (16gb USB flash drive) Audiobook cassette tape to CD $5.00 (If tape is over 80 minutes side B will have an additional CD for an additional $2.50 charge) Flashdrive to.

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Amazon.in: Buy Magideal® Cassette-to-MP3 Tape to PC USB CD Converter Capture Digital Audio Aux Music Player online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Magideal® Cassette-to-MP3 Tape to PC USB CD Converter Capture Digital Audio Aux Music Player reviews, ratings, features, specifications and more at Amazon.i DUB Center offers high quality audio and video transfer services. We can convert your audio source to CD or streaming file and transfer your video (VHS, 8MM tape, Film) to DVD or CD. Video & Audio tape duplication and editing CD & DVD authoring, duplication and replicatio After trying a local business to convert our 8 track tapes to CD's, which was a failure and after about 2 months I finally got my one test tape back and searched online and found Kate's Track Shack. I called Kathy and spoke with her and she answered any and all my questions I had At AV Conversion Services we can convert your audio tapes and records to a CD disc, mp3 or other file format, preserving and restoring the sound. Besides, the audio of the cassette will improve with the conversion to CD or mp3. When the sound of the audio is improved, the other noises are diminished. Once the cassette is digitized, noise filters are used to remove hissing and crackling sounds

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We have been doing conversions of LPs to CD, cassettes to CD, video tapes to DVD and 45's to CD since 2001. We use the highest quality hardware, software and materials in our conversion process. Coupled with our extensive experience in audio restoration and digital media, we provide the best transfer service on the web Audio Cassettes and Reel to Reel tapes converted to CD. Our professional equipment and meticulous attention to detail ensure your audio transfers achieve the best possible results. As part of our standard transfer and recovery service, we offer the following: Removal of pops, crackle and background hiss; Removal of background hum and rumbl

8 Tracks to CD transfer services, uses the best computers, playback equipment and highest quality software to transfer your tapes to CD, Hard Drive or Flash Drive. We can convert your 8 track tapes to CD and preserve them for a lifetime Keep in mind that audio CDs can hold up to 74 minutes of recording time. For 90 minutes audio cassettes to CD, we will have to break up the tape onto two CDs in order to process the order. Typically, after the audio transfer, we would put side A of the cassette on one disc, and then side B of the cassette onto the other disc We were selected by the First Judicial District Court of New Mexico to convert their entire 115,000 cassette library to digital - the largest project of its kind in U.S. history. After two decades in the professional audio/video business, you can trust us to provide excellent results. If you have questions please email, call or text us here. Do. Preserve Your Film, Photos and Video. Babies first steps, summer vacations, graduations, memories you don't want to fade. At Astound Video Duplication and Transfer we transfer your old film, video, images and audio recordings to DVD or digital files to preserve your precious memories for generations to come Audio Tape Transfer Service. Visual memories such as pictures are a great way to reminisce; but audio memories take you back in time. Many people have old cassette tapes or reel-to-reel tapes full of family events, bedtime stories, past relatives singing, or even just that killer mix-tape from high school

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  1. icassette and CD ripping
  2. i disks and reel to reel tapes to CD, MP3, .wav or other digital formats. Transferring cassette tapes to CD and other digital format
  3. Cassette Player-Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter- Powered by Battery or USB,Convert Walkman Tape Cassette to MP3, Compatible with Laptop and PC, USB Cable,Software CD,3.5mm Jack Earphone-DIGITNOW 8.
  4. Audio Cassette to CD transfer. Audio cassettes have been around since the late 1960s, but they can't last forever. Now is the time to have CD Makers transfer your precious recordings to CD. Weddings, funerals, recordings of family members - CD Makers can preserve them all by digitising your recordings and transferring them to audio CDs or audio.

From VHS Tapes and Cassettes to 8-Track and Film Reels, HB Media Solutions can convert and transfer all media. Hand digitized by experts Transfer it to CD. CDs provide several advantages. They take up less room, last longer, and make it easier to jump to a particular song when you are listening to them. Cassette Tapes Transferred to CD Right Here in Minnesota We run all of our cassette tape to CD conversions here in town, and can turn most jobs in about a week. If you're in a. Have you ever wondered what you're going to do with all of those cassette tapes lying around? Turn them into digital music files, perfect for putting onto C.. transfer your old audio cassettes, 8 track tape and LPs to CD, USB drive, MP3, iPad or iPhone format. You will be able to enjoy your old music from CD, MP3, iPad, iPhone or computer We apply new audio transfer technology to keep original sound tracks and maintain high quality sounds. $ 16.99 per cassette tape. CD is included in the price Audio Cassette Tape to CD We digitally convert and restore your audio cassette tapes, then transfer them to CD. If your tapes are torn or mould damaged, we can even repair most of them FREE of charge. We also convert mini cassettes and micro cassettes. Please let us know if you would prefer an MP3 conversion - there is no extra charge for this

Converting the audio found on cassette tapes can be a time-consuming process. That's because it's not a simple file transfer that only takes a few seconds. Cassette to MP3 converters must record the audio in real time as it plays in the deck. If you're converting a whole cassette, this can take up to an hour At AV Conversion Services we can convert your audio tapes and records to a CD disc, mp3 or other file format, preserving and restoring the sound. With the conversion to CD or mp3, the audio will be greatly improved compared to your cassette or record. Once the sound level is improved, the other noises would be lessened Tape to PC USB Cassette & MP3 CD Converter Capture Digital Audio Music Player S3. Type: Linear, Vavles, Rotary & Components Features: Tape to PC USB Cassette & MP3 CD Converter Capture Digital Audio Music Player S3 Model #: USB tape converter Item #: 9SIAAZM45N9410 Return Policy: View Return Policy $22.22 The compact cassette, as a cassette tape is properly known, was first released to the general public in the 1960s, and soon they were being used everywhere, both for the enjoyment of the listener and for recording content on blank tapes. Just as the CD supplanted the cassette tape, so too would this format lose its spot in time

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  1. utes of sound which can create problems as a lot cassettes were 90+
  2. Car Tape Audio Cassette Player Adaptor 3.5mm AUX Cable Connect your CD Player / MiniDisk Player / iPod to your car stereo through your car's in-dash cassette player Mini-plug inserts into your iPod / CD Player / MiniDisk Player headphone jack Spring-loaded cassette head helps to maintain contact with cassette player's head for clear sound Cassette-shaped interface inserts into your car's tape.
  3. i discs or 1/4 reel to reel tapes into a digital format or your liking that will last for years to come. Output options include playable CD or digital MP3, WAV, AIFF or FLAC. CD collection backup is also available. More information..
  4. Get the best deals for transfer cassette tape to cd at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items
  5. imize any hum

36 product ratings - Tape to PC USB Cassette MP3 CD File Converter Capture Digital Audio Music Player $14.99 Trending at $19.98 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days Ottawa Video Transfer has been transferring all kinds of audio formats to Compact Disc for many years. We can also convert your audio formats to MP3 and WAV formats. Ottawa Video Transfer is dedicated to the effort of preserving your audio recordings with a process that was developed from years of tried and tested methods A boombox or cassette player will be needed to convert tapes to cd. If you'll be going from the headphone jack to the soundcard, you'll either need a standard 1/4-inch (6.35 mm) stereo jack on one end and a mini-stereo jack on the other or, if the deck is built into a portable boom box, it might also have a mini-headphone jack. Adapters are also available to convert a cable With the Cassette2CD Wizard™ 2.0 software, you can easily transfer your cassette tapes to audio CD or MP3 files. Just plug in your converter and start recording using the software. After transferring your audio, you can clean your recordings to remove clicks, pops, and other noise Cassette tape to compact disc - This records the content of a cassette tape to a compact disc. Multi-media recorder - It records the cassette tape audio into an MP3 file. Media player - These units play the radio, play MP3 files, play CDs, and play cassette tapes as well as converting cassette to CD

90 minute audio cassette to CD=$69.95 (without tracks. CD style) 120 minute audio cassette to CD= $74.95 (without tracks) *Add $19.95 in the above price if the CD master is required with tracks. Remember: One CD can hold up to 80 minute of audio cassette. If you have a 90 minute of tape, you will get 2 CDs, one for each side All conversions include full transfer to digital audio MP3 files, audio editing and standard sound enhancement. Standard transfer is to digital audio. Disc copies are $8.50 each. Conversion to Digital Audio/MP3 Pricing Add $8.50 each for audio CD discs One or more tapes: Up to 60 minutes: $25 per tape | 60 minutes or more: $32.50 per tape . 5.

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Audio Cassette Tape To CD Transfers CD recording conversions . We can transfer cassette tapes to CD. By transferring your audio tapes to CD, you will give new life to those precious memories! Each audio cassette tape is handled with care and is only used once as a source tape for playback. We digitize and convert your audio tapes to CD, so that. Burn A CD Or Create An MP3. Burn as many CDs as you'd like. If the recording is longer than 80 minutes, it will burn it over multiple CDs. Alternatively, you can create MP3 files with proper tags and all. The process is stream-lined, easy and fun! Do it again and record cassette to CD! Try it Or Buy It! Convert all your cassette to CD Audio Restored is a small business based in Brentwood, Essex, UK, specialising in high quality transfers to CD of recorded sound from a variety of sources (vinyl, tape, shellac, acetate etc). Digital audio restoration is applied as necessary to ensure the best sound possible Deena Media has been providing businesses and families with audio transfer services since 1995. Our knowledge and experience, combined with the very best professional equipment available, results in the best audio transfer possible. ©1995-2019, Deena Media, 2949 Main Street, Unit 14, Vancouver BC, V5T 3G4. Call Us - 604.336.0321

CASSETTE TAPE TRANSFERS. Transfer your old audio cassettes to digital WAV, MP3, CD or any other format. We can do professional tape transfers for libraries, language schools, recording studios, publishers, police departments, etc... We use professional cassette decks with very low wow and flutter, and very precise speed $29.95 per original tape. We convert following PAL tapes to PAL DVD: PAL VHS tape and PAL VHS-C tape. PAL mini DV tape, PAL DV Cam tape. PAL 8mm tape, PAL Hi8 mm tape, PAL Digital8 tape. Some of PAL tapes we don't handle are: PAL U-matic, PAL Betamax, PAL BetaSP etc. We can convert PAL Hi Def. DV tape in 50i to standard PAL DVD Why transfer your cassette to CD? Cassette tapes were originally designed to last for a maximum of 20 years when stored in favourable conditions of temperature and humidity. They degrade and decay physically over time, to a point when they are unplayable Audio Cassette Tape to CD or MP3 transfer services. Convert Audio cassette tape to Audio CD. Professional studio quality sound system* (*Audio CD quality depends greatly on the original cassette tape's quality) Audio Heads are carefully cleaned before each conversion

Convert a 90 minute audio cassette tape to CD or wav file. Price does not include usb drive, bring your own or we can supply for a extra fee. 90 minute tapes conversions will be supplied on two CD's as side a and side b as a CD can only hold 80 minutes of audio Easily transfer your cassette, reel-to-reel or vinyl to CD with our quality audio transfer service. We will take your analogue media and professionally transfer it to a digital audio CD format. Where it will be easier to enjoy, play and adapt to 21st century technology

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Amazon has a variety of devices that will convert from audio cassette to CD or (computer audio file). Click here to view the options. Some of these are all-in-one devices that go directly from tape to CD. Other devices will go from a cassette player to your computer. Once in the computer, you can burn a CD or just use the audio file Thanks again for the wonderful job on converting the many family cassette tapes I brought you into CD's. They hold many memories and are very dear to my heart. The quality is awesome. It's a wonderful way to preserve precious memories. Debbie. West Des Moines, IA (Audio to CD Transfer Client

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Transfer your family audio cassette tapes to CD. Micro and standard cassettes can be converted. Do you have some out of print tapes you would like to transfer to CD? AJ Video Services can help you convert your tapes to cd. Cassette tapes, 8 tracks and reel to reel tapes can be archived onto CD or hard drive. Enjoy the sounds from the past. DUB Center offers high quality audio and video transfer services. We can convert your audio source to CD or streaming file and transfer your video (VHS, 8MM tape, Film) to DVD or CD. Video & Audio tape duplication and editing; CD & DVD authoring, duplication and replication; Broadcast standards conversion; Multimedia streaming & compression.

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Cassette to CD Conversion Service £15.95 | Order Form. All music cassette are played on our high quality tape decks and transferred onto our dedicated PC. Any necessary sound adjustment is then carried out to ensure no distortion during playback and that each track is the same volume How to Store Cassette Tapes Remember that distant past when you wanted to listen to your favourite artist's latest you had to visit instore to buy their cassettes. Over those years, we may have built a collection of tapes, packed full of precious recordings Cassette Player, Cassette to MP3 Converter Portable Cassette, Cassette Tape To MP3 CD Converter Via USB, Tape Recorder Player Capture Convert Box with Headphone USB Cable. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 £28.79 £ 28 . 7 Convert all your VHS tapes to digital and make those Birthdays, Weddings and special memories last forever. All it cost is R90 per VHS cassette No hourly charge. One fixed price. I use the latest software. A high quality DVD is used to store your memories. Or you can supply a USB and I can transfer to that media. Damaged or snapped tapes can be. Tape to PC USB Cassette & MP3 CD Converter Capture Digital Audio Music Player Features: Simply plug the 3.5mm jack plug into a portable music player, for iPod, CD player, pop the cassette into the car radio cassette and play music through your car stereo Compatible with car cassette decks that have side tape opening Self-adjusting spring head and silent mechanism Mini-jack plug inserts into.

Video Tape to DVD Conversion (VHS & VCR to DVD Transfer, Betamax & Camcorder Tapes) Audio Conversion to CD and MP3 (Vinyl Records, Cassette Tapes & Reel to Reel Audio Tape) Slide, Negative & Photo Scanning to Digital, & DVD Slideshows (DVD Video Slideshows and Photo Restoration The processing for shorter tapes and reels is the same as longer, so tape and reel conversions are charged per item, not based on the length of footage. Will my audio tracks be separated? To achieve the best quality and consistency, we offer a one-to-one transfer for audio cassette tapes We convert VHS, Beta, Mini DV, Video8, Digital 8 video tapes to USB / DVD Transfer 8mm film, Slides / photo scanning & Audio Cassettes to USB & CD. We believe in being upfront with our clients and clearly display our prices and options on our website so there are no surprises

We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Sony 8mm and MiniDV to DVD or .MP4 files on a USB stick.We can also convert Audio cassette tapes & Vinyl records to CD or Mp3s with proper metadata. Prices updated April 02, 2021 Video Tape Costs • 1 - 20 tapes: $20 each • 20+ tapes: $15 each • All BetaMax tapes: $35 each regardless of running length. Long Duration Video Tapes Additional Cost The best option to save the record is to convert the cassette to CD. Different audio recording and editing software are available that help to save the recording of unique cassette. When cassettes are converted into CD then it become save. 1. Before converting the cassette into CD make sure that you are recording in .WAV format. 2 Restoration transfer services of 8mm & 16mm film to DVD, Video to DVD, Slide and Photo Scanning. CD and DVD Duplication or Replication The One and Only Location for Transfer Me To DVD in the Toledo area-5318 Heatherdowns Blvd, just west of Reynolds Road. Digital copies made of your video tapes, movie film (8mm/16mm), photos, slides or audio material can be stored on Flash Drives, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD or external Hard Drives

We digitize and convert records and transfer to CD any audio cassettes, reel-to-reel audio tapes and DAT and output the digital audio files to high quality audio CDs. We also offer additional track separation and audio cleanup services to reduce noise, hiss, and to normalize audio levels for audio cassette to CD transfer Transfer a single audio cassette tape of your choice to CD or Mp3! Any type of audio cassette tape ranging in years from the early 1970's, to today's latest released tapes. All audio cassette tapes include complete restoration and enhancement to remove background noise, hiss, and repair any track level inequalities Audio Transfers to CD : We can convert your LP Vinyl records, cassettes or reel-to-reel audio tapes to any audio digital format. We do not convert copyrighted material that is commercially available on CD. Please contact us today to discuss your next project I have a U-matic cassette tape. Can you transfer it to a DVD? Yep! Look no further. U-matic or Three-Quarter (3/4) tapes were a popular professional format in the 1980's. We specialize in transferring these U-matic cassette tapes to DVD. I have a 1 inch tape. Can you transfer it to a DVD? Yes. 1 inch videotape was the broadcast standard for years

Our in-house technicians will transfer those old films (8mm, super 8 and 16mm - silent or with sound) to digital formats that can be played anywhere. The same capabilites apply to Beta, VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, 3/4 and mini DV video tape formats as well. Audio, Video & Film Production has been our business since 1982, only the formats have changed Converting Audio Tapes Cassettes To Cd free download - Audio CD Creator, EZ CD Audio Converter Free, Virtual CD, and many more program 37 reviews of The Digital Convert My boss found the digital convert earlier this year for some film that we'd found cleaning out a closet. They were all medium format film of images so they weren't the normal 35 mm and Ezra did scanned them all for us at a great price and quick turn around. He scanned them to whatever DPI we requested and we packaged them nicely in a cd Transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, Blu-ray discs or USB drives at Walgreens. Save a lifetime of memories by visiting an in-store kiosk or Walgreens.com Melcan Cassette Player-Cassette Tape To MP3 CD Converter Via USB,Portable Cassette Tape Converter Captures MP3 Audio Music,Convert W.. Sold by Tekcom Shop USA. $29.21. Generic USB Digital Audio Recorder For Converting Vinyl Cassette To CD/MP3 Audio Encoder

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