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Arduino library for MFRC522 and other RFID RC522 based modules. Read and write different types of Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) cards on your Arduino using a RC522 based reader connected via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) interface Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522 (SPI An Arduino library for interfacing RFID readers. Project Name. Share this library with your friends on your favorite profile: Examples. RFID_UART RFID_Wiegand 2015-11-19 codebender. This library and its examples were tested on 2016-06-11 with common Arduino boards. For more detailed information about the test results, please look at each.

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Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522 (SPI, I2C and UART) with asynchroneous callbacks Read/Write a RFID Card or Tag using the ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE interface. Modified from the original miguelbalboa to also support I2C and UART connections and provide, in addition to normal constant polling, an option to do asynchroneous callbacks Reading Data from a RFID tag After having the circuit ready, go to File > Examples > MFRC522 > DumpInfo and upload the code. This code will be available in your Arduino IDE (after installing the RFID library). Then, open the serial monitor

Learn how to use RFID NFC RC522 with Arduino, how to connect RFID-RC522 module to Arduino, how to code for RFID/NFC, how to program Arduino step by step. The detail instruction, code, wiring diagram, video tutorial, line-by-line code explanation are provided to help you quickly get started with Arduino. Find this and other Arduino tutorials on ArduinoGetStarted.com To use the library, first download the .zip file from the Github page above. Next, open up your Arduino IDE, navigate to Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library and choose the library you just downloaded. Not only will this make it possible to include the RFID library in your sketches, but you'll also get a collection of example. Arduino RFID Reader / MFRC522 Turorial: This is an simple tutorial for beginner on how to use a MFRC522 module using Arduino Remarks* I apologize for my english's grammar because i am a chinese : The wiring between the RC522 RFID reader and different Arduino boards is shown in the following table, as well as in different fritzing pictures for each Arduino board. Because the maximum operation voltage of the RC522 module is 3.3V, we can not use the 5V pins of the Arduino board but instead use the 3.3V pins

view raw RFID with Arduino.ino hosted with by GitHub This code also available in the library which you can get from File > Examples > MFRC522 > DumpInfo. Upload this code and open Serial Monitor and scan RFID Card or Keychain. By using this code you get more information about RFID Reader and cards 125Khz RFID library for Arduino. This library only support TTL RS232 serial port. Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader When read the data from some RFID card, you will get data like 00 91 6f 0b f5 Extract the contents from the zip folder rfid-master and add this library folder under the existing libraries of Arduino. After doing so, restart your ArduinoIDE. Now, our Arduino is ready to take commands and execute accordingly. The Arduino Code has been uploaded at the end of this tutorial

can anybody tell me what should i do??? Yes... You should rename the directory, like the message says.. In the past there were two separate Arduino libraries for using the Adafruit NFC boards. One library supported the breakout over a SPI connection, and the other library supported the breakout or shield over an I2C connection. However both of these libraries have been merged into a single Arduino library, Adafruit-PN532

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  2. downloaded and installed the RFID folder in my documents no errors occuring when checking syntax problem is that the RFID word stays in black and doesn't turn orange like it should do RFID does not name a type even with the library installed i'am using an arduino nano and a RFID RC522 here's the code : #include <SPI.h> #include <RFID.h> #include <Servo.h> #include pitches.h #.
  3. To connect LEDs to the Arduino with resistors, I suggest using a breadboard. And the last thing we need is to upload the program below to the Arduino board.. I wanted to make it as simple as possible. Unfortunately, the RFID library is not as simple to use as it should be. That will make some parts of the code hard to understand for beginners
  4. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Interface RC522 RFID Reader with Arduino and use MIFARE Classic 1K RFID Card and Key Fob. The RC522 Module is based on NXP's MFRC522 RFID Reader / Writer IC operating at 13.56 MHz. We will learn how the Arduino RC522 RFID Card Reader Interface works with a couple of test codes
  5. i as per Miguel's.

MFRC522-spi-i2c-uart-async - Arduino Referenc

  1. A catalogue of the 3739 Arduino Libraries. Arduino Library List. This site is generated automatically from the 3739 libraries registered in the Arduino Library Manager
  2. The library is called MFRC522, once you have downloaded the zip file simply import it to the Arduino IDE. How to install libraries in Arduino IDE The other step is to import the keyboard library, which will allow us to use our arduino as a keyboard in our compute
  3. Reading data from an RFID tag. After having the circuit ready, go to File > Examples > MFRC522 > DumpInfo and upload the code. This code will be available in Arduino IDE (after installing the RFID library). Then, open the serial monitor. You should see something like the figure below

MFRC522 IC based RC522 RFID Module is a cheap yet reliable RFID Module for Arduino. The kit consists of the main RFID Scanner / Reader Module (with embedded PCB Antenna), a Smart Card and a Key Fob (both are of type MIFARE 1K Classic). I made a dedicated tutorial on Interfacing RC522 RFID Module with Arduino. Check it out. MG 996R Servo Moto Arduino RFID Library The most popular RFID library for Arduino is the one by Miguel Balboa. You can download it in his repository. After installing the library, you'll get access to a number of examples via File > Examples > MFRC522 HZ1050 RFID Reader Arduino code explanation: You can use the Arduino's default serial port, but as I always say, never use the Arduino's default serial port, it should only be used for the debugging purposes. As in Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano, we have only one serial port, so using the SofwareSerial library we can define multiple serial ports This video is about how to import library of RFID-RC522 ( MFRC522) ::::: SUPPORT CHANNEL :::::.. The SoftwareSerial library is used to establish serial communication between the RFID module/reader and the Arduino. SoftwareSerial can be included simply by clicking Sketch > Include Library.

Download RFID RC522 Arduino library: https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfidDowload Proteus Arduino Module library:http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-add-A.. RFID in the library is the proposed system that works with RFID readers, supported with the antenna at the transaction section the library cards that are issued contains RFID transponders in which all the information are electronically stored like General information of the issuer all the work is done without any physical contact with the help. Download the library from here and add it. After that, open the Dumpinfo from examples and upload it in your Arduino IDE. Now open the serial monitor and bring the RFID card in front of the reader, it will show you the information of the RFID tag. Save the UID number, we are going to use it in the second example Arduino RC522 RFID Card Reader Interface Now that we have seen a little bit about the MFRC522 RFID Reader IC and RC522 RFID Reader Module, let us now proceed with Arduino RC522 RFID Card Reader Interface. As mentioned earlier, MFRC522 supports SPI, UART and I 2 C interfaces. But SPI is the fastest of the three with data rates up to 10 Mbit/s Arduino-based RFID reader This tutorial shows how to make an Arduino-based RFID reader that reads Mifare tags and stores them in EEPROM. It is a modification of Alex Zivanovic 's code on Tinker.it. Thanks to Alex and Massimo Banzi for the reference

AARFID dynamic link library (DLL) is event-based C#.Net library. It is very easy to integrate in any GUI application. It has 4 functions for reading and writing tags to RFID devices. Since it is event-based library, it sends an event to GUI as soon as tag is swiped By adding the following code to dump_byte_array function, you can define a specific barcode and introduces it as the standard data to Arduino.(replace it with defining tag in the first line.) Connect a red LED and a green one to pins 8 and 7 then upload the code on your board. When tag with the specific barcode is exposed to the module, the green LED turns on indicating that the tag barcode is.

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Each rack of the library would consist of a small embedded system comprising of a RFID reader, a microcontroller i.e. 8051 and a communication device i.e Max - 232 which exchange the TTL/CMOS logic to RS232 logic levels through the serial communication of Microcontroller with the personal computers This Arduino Uno ultimate project kit includes comprehensive range of components to get you started in building and experimenting with Arduino projects. The RFID Starter Kit for Arduino Uno comes in a handy case and contains over 30 state-of-the-art components, devices and modules. This is

download Arduino RFID Library First off all extract the RFID library and move the folder inside the Libraries folder where you've installed Arduino software. Now connect the RC522 reader to the board as you can see on the first lines in the sketch: MOSI -> pin 1 RFID is an innovative au tomated system for au tomatic identification, sorting, arranging and tracking of different materials. Currently RFID applications range from book tracking and stock..

Simply connect it to PC via USB port of STM32 and start programming with ARDUINO IDE. Programming your STM32 in ARDUINO IDE to read RFID tag is very simple 1. First, include LCD display library for using LCD display functions An Arduino Library for the NANO M6E RFID module for reading and writing to Gen2 UHF (860 to 920MHz) RFID tags SparkFun Qwiic RFID Arduino Library (ZIP) RFID: Example1 Read Tag Basics. In the Read_Tag_Basics example, the reader logs all tags that are recognized in a memory buffer. We read the buffer and clear it for a new read. We see that functionality below

Step 2 . Connect Seeeduino to PC via a USB cable; Step 3. Copy the following code as shown below into Arduino IDE and upload. If you do not know how to upload the code, you can refer to our guide on how to upload code. /* link between the computer and the SoftSerial Shield at 9600 bps 8-N-1 Computer is connected to Hardware UART SoftSerial Shield is connected to the Software UART:D2&D3 */ #. To use this RFID, I downloaded the Arduino MFRC522 library. And I run the example code of library. Here is the code. /* * MFRC522 - Library to use ARDUINO RFID MODULE KIT 13.56 MHZ WITH TAGS SPI W AND R BY COOQROBOT This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved. RFID Library. 125Khz RFID library for Arduino. This library only support TTL RS232 serial port. Particle Devices. Adapted for Spark Core by Paul Kourany, Jan 2015 Updated for Libraries 2.0, Feb 2017. Usage. Connecting RFID Reader RX, TX to Particle device.

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  1. In this project, we have designed RFID RC522 Based Security System using Arduino LCD Display & Servo. RC522 is a very simple yet effective module. It is an RFID module and is used for scanning RFID cards. It's a new technology and is expanding day by day
  2. RC522 is a Multi-communication RFID Module for Arduino and Microcontrollers. The RC522 is known as MFRC-522 due to its NFX semiconductor microcontroller. The module allows the developers to interface it with any other SPI, I2C, and UART based microcontrollers
  3. Today's post is about interfacing of RFID module RC522 with Arduino. RC522 is very simple yet effective module. It is an RFID module and is used for scanning RFID cards. Its a new technology and is expanding day by day
  4. 2. Unzip the RFID library 3. Install the RFID library in your Arduino IDE 4. Restart your Arduino IDE Arduino Circuit Connection: RC522 Pin Wiring to Arduino Un SDA Digital 10 SCK Digital 13 MOSI Digital 11 MISO Digital 12 IRQ unconnected GND GND RST Digital 9 3.3V Supply 3.3V Pin Wiring Reading Data from a RFID Tag

13.56MHz RFID reader RC522 with optional LCD 16×02 (1602) module and dual color diode connected. Basic setup with just UNO and reader connected - see below. The code for such case with reading tags and using Serial output could be located in AddicoreRFID library I was looking at this link on RFID I2C interface. I added the library to arduino, but in main.cpp, I see an error: In function 'void setup()': sketch_mar27a:16: error: no matching function for cal.. First, insert Osoyoo MEGA-IoT shield to Arduino MEGA2560 board, then use the 8-pin Parallel Cable to connect OSOYOO RC522 RFID module to MEGA-IoT RFID 8-male-pin row, make sure the 3.3V pin in RC522 module must connect to 3.3V in RFID 8-pin slot in the shield and SDA pin in RC522 must connect to pin 48 in the RFID slot

Introducing PN532 NFC RFID with Arduino Guide By Shawn 1 year ago Refer to How to install library to install Seeed Arduino NFC library for Arduino. Step 3. Download PN532 Library and put it under C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Seeed_Arduino_NFC-master\src Now the Library Manger opens in a new window which is the main part of the Arduino desktop IDE to install, update and uninstall libraries. Also the Library Manager has a hand search field from which you can search the library you want to install. How to Install an Arudino IDE Library

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In this tutorial, four pins of the RDM630/RDM6300 are wired to the Arduino Uno. Vcc has to be connected to the Arduino's 5V pin (red wire) and GND to the Arduino's GND (black wire). The TX pin has to be connected to digital pin #6 (green wire). Basically, the RX pin is not required as we do not send data to the RFID module in this tutorial If you are using the Arduino IDE, the library can be easily installed by clicking Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries. Then, search for RFID and you will find an entry with the title MFRC522 by GithubCommunity. If you cannot find such an entry, I recommend to visit the official website of the library for further assistance Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, is a wireless system that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data from one object to a different , with-out the 2 objects touching.You can build an Arduino that reads com-mon RFID tags and cards to make access systems and to regulate digital outputs. you'll have used an RFID card before, like an access card that you simply simply use to unlock a. In this tutorial we will learn How to interface NodeMCU with RC522 RF ID Reader using Arduino library for MFRC522 and other RFID RC522 based modules. This library read and write different types of Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) cards on your Arduino or NodeMCU using a RC522 based reader connected via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) interface Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader. This Grove-125KHz RFID Reader is a module used to read uem4100 RFID card information with two output formats: Uart and Wiegand. It has a sensitivity with maximum 7cm sensing distance. There is also the electronic brick version of this module. It can help you with project like internet of thing and access control system

The RFID module uses the SPI communication protocol, so it will be connected to the dedicated SPI pins on the Arduino. The OLED display, on the other hand, uses I2C protocol and will thus also be connected to the Arduino's dedicated I2C lines It uses 13.56 MHz frequency And it is also easy to use. We can easily interfaced this reader with arduino or raspberry. There are tons of library available out there. And one more, this tutorial can be the simplest tutorial on how to use this RFID reader with arduino. MFRC522 RFID Reader Specification. Here's the MFRC522 short specification RFID.h /* RFID.h - Library to use ARDUINO RFID MODULE KIT 13.56 MHZ WITH TAGS SPI W AND R BY COOQROBOT. * Based on code Dr.Leong ( WWW.B2CQSHOP.COM ) * Created by Miguel Balboa (circuitito.com), Jan, 2012 RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or RFID cards (the one you use it in your Office or College ID Cards with RFID) that are captured by a reader via radio waves. MFRC522 Library: Arduino UNO. RFID - MFRC522. LED - Red. LED - Green

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Arduino library for SPI and I2C access to the PN532 RFID/Near Field Communication chip (html) I2C Driver for Adafruit's PN532-based NFC Shield (html) Fritzing objects available in the Adafruit Fritzing library (html The RFID Experimenter's Kit comes with the version 1.2 shield. Modify the code for the number of cards you want by editing line 58. For example, if you have three cards, use the code#define NUMBER_OF_CARDS 3 //total numer of key cards that the system will respond to Today we are going to talk about what is RFID module and how an RFID module works with Arduino. We can see this technology in different places. That is, examples include identifying people in factories, controlling admissions, searching books in libraries, obtaining employee attendance, and the security system For most of our RFID based Arduino projects, the MFRC522 RFID Reader/Writer module is a great choice. It is low power, low cost and easy to interface with. It usually comes with a RFID card tag and key holder tag having 1KB memory. And best of all, it can write a tag, so you can store your some sort of secret message in it donsky Arduino, ESP8266, Projects In this article we are going to program our Arduino RFID Database Security System. We will configure the Arduino to read the MFRC522 RFID Reader and retrieve the RFID code. The RFID code is then sent thru the ESP8266 ESP-01 through serial communication

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If you're working with the Arduino Uno, you can work the code like the one provided by the manufacturer, but if you should be working with the Arduino Mega 2560 card you must change the pin numbers 2 and 3, by pins 10 and 11 respectively, because in this web site that describe Arduino using the library SoftwareSerial.h with an Arduino. Next add an Arduino Pro Mini (a regular Arduino Mini will work also): Figure 2. Insert the Arduino Pro Mini. Next, add the voltage and ground wires for the SM130 RFID module. Make sure to leave slack in the lowest ground wire on the left. The SM130 module will plug into the same row of holes. Figure 3. Power and ground wires for the SM130 module In this tutorial, we will learn how to read and write data to a specific RFID block using MFRC522 and Arduino. If you are storing a person's first name and surname, then this tutorial is what you are looking for. You can also read the data stored in ID by using the MFRC522 library

OneWire Library DHT11 Library LiquidCrystal_I2C Library Wire Library nRF24L01 Library RF24 Library DallasTemperature Library SPI Library RFID Library Each rack of the library would consist of a small embedded system comprising of a RFID reader, a microcontroller i.e. 8051 and a communication device i.e Max - 232 which exchange the TTL/CMOS logic to RS232 logic levels through the serial communication of Microcontroller with the personal computers Addicore RFID Quick Start Guide for Arduino (pdf Parts List nRF24L01+ DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Arduino UNO 4.7k resistor Library nRF24L01 Library RF. thumbnail. A Arduino. nRF24L01+ Basic Control LED (Arduino) admin 0 20 December 2015. RFID Parts List Arduino RFID Module RFID Tag or RFID Tag Card RFID Module Wiring RFID Module.

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This project guide will detail the steps to create an RFID (radio frequency identification) door lock system using an Arduino Mega 2560. The goal is to open a door by using a specific tag that functions as an access badge. If the wrong tag is scanned, the door will stay closed and set off a buzzer * Example sketch/program showing how to read data from a PICC (that is: a RFID Tag or Card) using a MFRC522 based RFID * Reader on the Arduino SPI interface. * * When the Arduino and the MFRC522 module are connected (see the pin layout below), load this sketch into Arduino IDE * then verify/compile and upload it With every visit to the supermarket, public library, bookstore, or department store, we handle objects that have an RFID tag, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. For one, these small tags make it easier for shop owners to keep inventory by tracking the flow of items as they're brought in, moved around, and purchased Go to your Arduino documents directory; inside you will find a directory named Libraries. The imported library directory will be there. Just delete it and restart the Arduino app. Your Arduino library folder should look like this (on Windows) Wiring between an Arduino Uno and a RDM6300. The same wiring can be applied to an RDM630. On the left hand side is the RDM6300, which is a very affordable (1-3$) RFID reader. On the right hand side, is the RDM630

Library for the SparkFun Qwiic RFID Reader The SparkFun Qwiic RFID Arduino Library makes it very easy to use the Qwiic enabled I-squared-C RFID reader from SparkFun Electronics. The SparkFun Qwiic RFID Reader can hold up to 20 scanned RFID tags and their associated scan times at a time The Parallax RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader is super easy to configure. It only takes four wires! It uses serial protocol to transfer information from RFID cards to the Arduino. This project is a quick introduction to using this RFID reader with the Arduino system To learn more about the RFID reader with the Arduino read: Security Access using MFRC522 RFID Reader with Arduino. Installing the MFRC522 library. This project uses the MFRC522.h library to control the RFID reader. This library doesn't come installed in Arduino IDE by default, so you need to install it

January 20, 2021 March 3, 2021 shahid, Adnan Arduino RFID, arduino rfid projects, radio frequency identification, RC522 DATASHEET, rfid based project, RFID RC522 ARDUINO RFID is known as Radio Frequency Identification. and we are using this technology in this project to make a door security system. and we will make it with the Arduino Installing Arduino libraries can be done in three different ways: manually installing the files, importing a ZIP file, and using the library manager. Two of these methods can be done with menu options. But for manual installation, you have to locate the library's files and place them into the Arduino libraries folder The source code for the Portable IoT Based RFID Attendance System using ESP32 is here. In this source code, you need to do some modifications like your WiFi Network credentials, Device token from the website, and PC IP Address. Include ESP32, RFID, Adafruit GFX, and Adafruit SSD1306 Library header files Arduino Firebase Project Description: Arduino Firebase, Students Attendance system using RFID and GSM- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an advanced level student attendance system using Google Firebase Database, Arduino, GSM Sim900A Module, MFRC522 RFID Receiver Module, RFID Tags, and a 16×2 LCD.This is an IoT based project and used for monitoring the students' attendance from.

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In this tutorial, I'll share with you on how to display on I2C OLED using Arduino. The video will cover on : Installing library for RFID-RC522. Reading the RFID Tag with example provided. Use the data read by the RFID-RC522 This RFID module uses SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) for communication with the Arduino MCU though the digital pin 10 at 13, pin9 which is the RST (Reset) is connected. See the diagram below the arrangement of the pins and connection to the Arduino board along with the MFRC522 library

RFID arduino door lock

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The modules (card reader) and the RFID tags communicate using a 13.56MHz electromagnetic field. In this post, we are going to show you how to read RFID tags with an Arduino and RC522 module. Part List. We need a few things to build our system: Arduino Nano (We bought a cheap one from eBay) RC522 RFID reader with 2 tag off GearBest for £1.8 The RFID reader communicates with the Arduino through the SPI protocol and different Arduino boards have different SPI pins. Here, we are using RFID Reader/Writer RC522 SPI S50 with RFID Card. The 16*2 Parallel LCD Display with Blue Backlight is interfaced with Arduino Mega to show the message

Arduino and RFID scanner scans the RFID cards and then log the data to Adafruit IO cloud platform with the help of ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. This information can be displayed in the Adafruit IO dashboard and can be accessed by the required authorities to view and analyze the attendance over the internet from anywhere at any time The easiest way to install it is via the Arduino IDE libraries manager. To access the library manager in the Arduino IDE and install the mentioned library, you simply need to go to sketch ->Include library - > Manage libraries. On the popup that opens, just search for rfid and install the one highlighted in figure 3 Arduino write-protects the example sketches within libraries. To get around this, create a symlink (mklink in Windows) from your working library directory (that is repo/version controlled) to your Arduino\libraries directory. This will allow you to make modifications without having to copy/paste your changes into the Arduino\libraries directory

In this tutorial, I'll share with you on how to read the RFiD Tag Using RFID-RC522 and Arduino. The video will cover on : Installing library for RFID-RC522. Reading the RFID Tag with example provided. Use the data read by the RFID-RC522 RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or RFID cards (the one you use it in your Office or College ID Cards with RFID) that are captured by a reader via radio waves. RFID is similar to barcoding in that data from a tag or cards are captured by a device that stores the card ID in a database with additional details To communicate with Arduino, Marc Boon had developed the SL018 library for Arduino which support reading UID of tags and reading/writing tags. Stand alone Stronglink SL018 module By supplying 5V to the SL018 module, the module is able to detect Mifare RFID tags without connecting to the controller such as Arduino The test is implemented on the Uno board in the Arduino IDE V1.6.12. Install the library. Adafruit has a complete library for this, so we will just use its code to test the module directly. Step 1: In IDE, select Sketch->Including Library->Manage Libraries, type in PN532 to search RFID is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. Before running the program the user has to include the MFRC522 library to the Arduino IDE. How to Install MFRC522 RFID Library to Arduino IDE. Download the library from https.

Problem in adding library of RFID

sir our project is Employee Tracking System using RFID and Xbee technology and for interfacing between RFID and Xbee i am going to use Arduino so arduino read the Tag and send it to xbee I am using Em-18 rfid reader and arduino uno and series 2 xbee I face a problem how to send tag to xbee after read the tag from rfid arduino uno - RFID-RC522 not working, red led is onApri porta RFID con Arduino

Arduino Library Adafruit PN532 RFID/NFC Breakout and

ESP32 and RFID-RC522 module example | ESP32 LearningCara Mudah dan Cepat Belajar RFID MFRC522 ArduinoRFID RC522 NodeMCU ARDUINO UNTUK IoT - TPTUMETRO4x4 keypad and Arduino | UrukTech
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