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  1. I own some F bass 6 strings and the string spacing is 19mm (4-string spacing) and the scale is 34.5. I find this bass to be extremely easy to play, but it also has to do with the flat neck profile. I think with wider necks, they should be flat. You will find a lot of high-end 6ers have 18-19mm spacing
  2. ok i'm looking on the ibanez site at this bass and it's a 5 string, that has a 76mm wide 24th fret, but this 6 string is only 64mm wide at the 24th fret.. that seems like it's backwards but that's what's on their site. I need to use the EDA body but make it a 6 string bass instead of 5. Any one have the correct dimensions or can confirm these for the 6 string neck width, please and thank you
  3. 6-String Models are Standard with Low 'B' and High 'C' Accessories All Smith Basses come with a TKL Heavy Duty VTR Gig Bag, Smith Genuine Leather Strap with Sheein Shoulder Pad with Dunlop Straploks Installed (Dual Design, Flush Mount on Neck-Thru Models Only), Smith Pro Formula Polish, Smith Lint-Free Polish Cloth, Wrench Kit for.
  4. This is the smallest nut width size and standard for the 4-string J Bass®. Most modern 4 string basses use this width. Our Tele® Bass neck can be ordered in this size. Short scale 32 and 30 bass necks are only available in this nut width. 1-5/8 (41mm) This nut width size sits between the typical J Bass® and P Bass® neck nut widths
  5. 4 string Bass neck is a flatter C shape. 1.69″ (1-11/16″) nut; 2.53″ at body.815 at 1st fret 12 String - 1 47/64″ WIDTH AT THE BODY. Pattern, Wide Fat - 2 1/4″ The Wide Fat neck has the same nut width as the Wide Thin neck, but it has a deeper profile. Because of its strength and longer heel, the Wide Fat neck.
  6. Neck Size. The width at nut specification will tell you how wide the bass's neck is at the end. That will give you an indication of the string spacing and how big the neck is. If you have smaller hands, you may lean towards skinnier necks. Neck Binding. Another neck term you will see is neck binding
  7. The Bongo 6 represents everything a modern bass should be: well balanced, comfortable, resonant, and expressive with effortless playability. The double-cutaway basswood body design is of superior construction and along with a 24 fret finished neck offers unimpeded access for high register two-octave fretwork. The Bongo 6 is available with two Ernie Ball Music Man proprietary humbucking pickups.

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  1. Design concept and history. The Fender VI was released in 1961 and followed the concept of the Danelectro six-string bass released in 1956, having six strings tuned E to E, an octave below the Spanish guitar. The Bass VI was closely related to the Fender Jaguar, with which it shared styling and technical details, notably the Fender floating tremolo.The VI had an offset body similar but not.
  2. The result is a nearly perfect nut, compensated for fret height, nut width, string spacing, and fretboard radius. Warmoth's precut and installed bass nuts are cut for the string guages listed below: 4-string guage set size .105-.045; 5-string guage set size .130-.045; 6-string guage set size .130-.03
  3. For a 5-string bass, the string spacing is usually the same as for a 4-string, only the neck is wider. There are exceptions on this rule, beacuse there are narrow and wide 5-string basses. The height of the neck related to the body (in the table d-D: 7-8 mm) assumes a flat bridge (Fender PB/JB, Telecaster), The Gibson Les Paul style bridges.
  4. Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards at Warmoth - The Original Custom Guitar Shop! Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Bass Necks You seem to be on a mobile device
  5. Model: Grind® 6 String Bass FEATURES • 35 inch scale • 6-string • 24 frets • Passive humbucking pickups • Mahogany neck with maple stringers • 19:1 ratio tuning machines • Mahogany body wings • Dual action torsion rod • Neck-through-body design • Ships with DR Dragonskin coated strings • Made in Indonesi
  6. The Gecko 6 String bass series is specifically designed to bring professional bassists their most desired features and functions in any degree of assembly that suits their finances or abilities. These premium quality pieces (and they truly are premium) incorporate woods, construction, and design elements found only on top of the line.

Find a great collection of Electric Bass at Ibanez. Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps, plus guitar accessories like tuners, straps and picks. We uses cookies to improve user experience. By continuing to use our site you consent to use our cookies We think the Cort A6 plus 6 string Bass Guitar ticks all the boxes, it's a great bass to play and with quality electronics allows the tone you need to be dialled in with ease. The nut width has been set at 52.5mm meaning this is only a tad larger than most 5 strings I didn't have any problems with the bass guitar neck on the first five basses that I owned; most of these were four string basses. However, even my 'piano fingers' were tested when I purchased an Ibanez BTB 505 5 string bass. This bass had a wider neck in comparison to my Ibanez Soundgear 1205 (a 5 string thin neck bass) D'Addario EXL170-6 6-String Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings, Light, 32-130, Long Scal

Common Specifications: Neck Width (Inches) Neck Thickness (Inches) Nut: Fret 24: Fret 1: Fret 18: 4-string: 1.52: 2.48: 0.83: 0.96: 5-string: 1.77: 2.72: 0.83: 0.96. to give you an example, the Ibanez BTB 5 string has a nut width of 47mm and 19mm string spacing and I know that I do not like this bass. Honestly I bet an average 5 string bass' neck isn't much wider if at all. I'm pretty sure it's wider than the neck on my SG. vilk, Mar 24, 2016 #17. stevexc SS.org Regular. Messages: 3,38 Width and thickness are two different things, so try not to mix the terms. The neck on my 6-string Ibanez bass is comparable in width to that of my 8-string Agile. The bass neck is a little wider closer to the body and a little narrower closer to the nut. TomAwesome, Jan 28, 201 As you may know, 6-string bass neck designs often veer into the realm of unplayability, due to the girth and weight required to support the string tension. The 5-piece mahogany/maple neck on the ESP LTD D6, however, is carved to a comfortable and super-thin U shape contour with a 54mm nut width that should feel comfortable and fast under your. PEF Replacement Neck for Precision Bass® from $345.00 20 frets (.103 x .045) Maple bass neck with vintage tinted finish Ebony fingerboard 10 radius Nut width 1-5/8 Heel width 2-7/16 Tuning peg h..

The second in a series where I chronicle my build of a six string bass guitar All standard Gecko bass necks feature 5-piece laminated construction (using bloodwood or purpleheart for the lam depending on availability), 35 scale and 24 fret fretboards. Each neck has been fine sanded, and dipped in a penetrating sealer, ready for final spray finishing. Through holes are drilled .551 (14mm) for Gotoh tuning machines Canadian Maple 24 Fret 4 String Bass Guitar Neck Replacement Rosewood Fingerboard 34Inch. $82.88 $ 82. 88. FREE Shipping. Amazon's Choice for Bass Guitar Necks. StewMac Bass Neck Shims for Bolt-on Necks, Made of Solid Maple, Shaped, Set of 3. 4.6 out of 5 stars 31. $41.66 $ 41. 66. FREE Shipping 6-string Electric Bass with Mahogany Body, Spalted Maple Top, Maple Neck, Jatoba Fretboard, 2 Humbucking Pickups, and Active Bass Boost - Natural Grey Burst $ 349 .99 Or $15.00 /month § wit

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im having the same problem as donutheaven, my p-bass jr measures 28.6″ from tailpiece to nutthen approx another 1″ due to the string thru.ive heard only fender 4250 or 4250m strings are the only size that fit properlythey've been discontinued for almost 10yrs

Classical guitar neck widths can also vary but the most common nut width for classical guitars is 51mm (2?) - this is to make it easier for playing fingerstyle and also because nylon treble strings are wider than steel treble strings - so the neck needs to be wider to house the wider strings 6-string bass guitars often have either two or three pickups. Neck and middle pickups can be humbucker or single-coil, while bridge pickups can be humbucker, single-coil, or piezo. The nut width ranges from 1.625'' to 2.48'' and the scale length from 30'' to 35.5''. 6-strings can be fretless or 21, 22, 24, 26 frets BigRig 6 Neck. The BigRig is a pickup came about very organically, as a result of a conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. A dual 51 P style pickup, one pole per string, was the initial concept, but offset pole pieces are iconic for Nordstrand These specs were part of the #6 and #8 necks. ORDER CODE: 8NK: 1 ¾ Medium C: 1 ¾ nut width traditional to a P bass, Leo brought it with him to Fender Avenue for the L-2000 and other models. 1 3/4 nut width, generous edge roll, medium taper from 0.820 at 1st fret to 0.940 at 12th fret. These specs were part of the #5 and #7 necks 4, 5, or 6 Strings? It's tempting to say that if you need to ask, you're better off sticking to a traditional 4-string bass. Regular 4-string basses have, by design, much narrower necks than 5- or 6-string basses and are tuned in standard E-A-D-G format; this makes them easier to handle and to learn to play on

Nut width: 1.656 in. Scale length: 34 Number of Strings(Roundwound):4. After that I bought a Strat Model 6 string, Neck is not a Jazz Bass profile, it's kind of in between the Jazz and Precision feel, slightly chunky, but very playable. Hardware does what it is supposed to, tuning keys are ok, probably the weak point of the whole bass.. Bass guitar, for sure. The Bass VI, recently resurrected in hot-rodded form by Fender and in its classic form by Squier, is a six-string bass guitar.It was designed and offered as a special kind of bass guitar during its original run from 1961 to 1975, and it is designed and offered as such today 4‑STRING 5‑STRING 6‑STRING; Scale length: 34 in: 34 in: 34 in: Neck woods: Set neck, 3‑piece Maple with 2 Walnut pinstripes: Set neck, 5‑piece Maple with 4 Walnut pinstripes: Set neck, 5‑piece Maple with 4 Walnut pinstripes: Fingerboard: Blank Ebony: Blank Ebony: Blank Ebony: Nut width: 1.625 in: 1.875 in: 2.200 in: 24th fret width. Marleaux Contra 6 Old Violin Dark Aged, 6-string, electric bass, maple body with spruce top, 3-piece neck truough construction, long scale, ebony fretboard (Dispoyros crassifolia), 24 frets, 2x Marleaux/Häussel pickups with ebony covers (Dispoyros crassifolia), Marleaux C3- EQ with passive..

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Jackson® Bass Bacher IV String-Through-Body Hardtail (1) Jackson® Hardtail (1) Body Shape. Concert™ Bass (20) Spectra (10) Spectra Bass (5) Kelly™ Bird (4) Body Top. Quilt Maple (7) Neck-Through-Body with Graphite Reinforcement and Scarf Joint (15) Neck-Through-Body with Graphite Reinforcement (3) Bolt-On with Scarf Joint (2) Hardware. For good intonation, the guitar's saddle will be placed so a little extra string length is added. This extra length is called compensation, and it means the actual string length is longer than its 24-3/4 scale measurement. At the center of the saddle it will be closer to 24-7/8

Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of 6+ String Electric Bass at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping The 5-string bass you always wanted but never thought you could afford is right here. The B-5E offers neck-thru-body construction with a mahogany body. Great for nearly any style of music, the B-4E has a fast and comfortable.. So any 6-string bass can have completely different neck width. If you'd like, I can measure my 2 6-string basses and post their dimensions. The neck thickness is no different from a 4 string bass or a 6 string guitar. My 8-string single course bass has about .740 neck thickness at the nut, so larger bass necks can be thin just like guitars Delano JC6 HE/M2 6 String JC6 Size Split Coil Neck Pickup. The DELANO JC series are retrofit pickups for standard Jazz Bass™ type instruments and can be installed in any kind of bass with similar pickup routings. More Information - Split-Coil Humbucker. When mixing Delano pickups you must use two pickups with the same icon. Dimension

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Plans for Guitars* After you've made your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the plans as a .pdf file. Each plan set comes with inches and millimeter dimensions, full sheets for large format printing, tiled sheets for desktop printing, a sample wiring schematic, and a fretboard radius template 34 scale 4-string. 35 scale 5, 6, 7-string. 24 frets + zero fret. swamp ash or alder body. figured wood top. hand rubbed oil finish. quarter-sawn maple or quarter-sawn wenge neck. bubinga or wenge fretboard. 2-way adjustable truss rod. Bartolini J-coil pickups. Bartolini 3-band preamp with 3-way mid and active bypass. fully shielded control. Nut width: 45mm String spacing at bridge: 18mm 6 String: 21mm @ 1st, 23mm @ 17th, D shape with round shoulders. Nut width: 55mm String spacing at bridge: 17mm Fretboard Radius: Compound 9 - 16 Fretwire: Extra Jumbo Stainless Steel ALL models have Luminlay glow in the dark side markers, and carbon fiber neck reinforcement rods Bass Necks View All Bass Necks > Necks Overview Finished Bass Necks Unfinished Bass Necks Misc Gear ABM single string bass bridge, with attached tuner. % BB-3585 Hipshot Bass Tremolo from $325.00 . Hipshot bass tremolo bridge, 2-1/4 string spacing, with hardware..

Building the World's Greatest 100% Handmade Basses since 1978 Multi-String Electric Bass Pioneer Ken Smith has developed or introduced many of the innovations used on today's basses which are now industry standards. Some of these include Printed Circuit Board Electronics, Graphite Inlaid Neck, Detented Balance and EQ controls, Low 'B' Design .128 and .130, and [ Nut width refers to the width of the guitar's neck at the nut. String spacing is the distance from the low E string to the high E string and how they spread out as they get closer to the saddle. Some manufacturers take this measurement at the 14th fret, while others take it right at the saddle Ibanez EHB1005SMS-EMM, 5-string multiscale electric bass, chambered body: basswood, neck: five-piece toasted maple / walnut, fingerboard: toasted birdseye maple, neck binding: bolt-on, inlays: abalone offset dot, 24 stainless steel medium jumbo frets, nut: plastic, nut width: 45 mm (1. Browse our vast selection of Premium & Light-Weight 6-String Guitars. Strandberg Guitars are so comfortable to play you'll never want to stop Some seven-string necks are as narrow as 42 or 43 millimeters (certain ESP and Caparison models, for example), which is about the same nut width as a standard six-string Stratocaster, so with the addition of an extra string the strings are now much more closely spaced together

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Update: Martin 0XK 35.5mm nut and a whopping 30.7mm string width! 1.5mm narrower nut than my old Islander tenor, but 2mm wider string spacing. Really need to know string width to know what you're getting into. So far I've seen almost 4mm variation in string spacing in 35 to 35.5mm nuts (Outdoor Ukulele Soprano had 35 / 26.9 The shorter necks and small bodies are easier to throw in the back of a car or take to a gig around town. The necks and bodies are also easier to grab with your hands — even if your hands are small. A 3/4-size instrument will look significantly different from a regular short scale electric guitar and from a full size axe I have an LTD EC-256 and measured the string spacing at the bridge pickup to be 51mm. My current SD Distortion HB seems a tad short, especially on the High E string. I also have a SD Custom 5 TB and was wondering, would this suit my needs better? The Custom 5 would pair with my SD '59 in the neck better, too

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  1. The SGR 4 string bass is designed for use with .045 to .105 gauged strings only and the SGR 5 string bass is designed for use with .045 to .130 gauged strings only. This warranty is void if strings of a heavier gauge than those listed are installed on the guitar
  2. In many respects, the concepts developed for the Boden guitars - especially the extended range 7-and 8-string guitars - are ideally suited for bass design and construction. The idea is to lengthen the scale of the low strings for tighter tension to provide a more defined and punchy sound in the lower register
  3. Looking for a high-performance bass guitar? Then take a closer look at our Glarry GIB Electric 5 String Bass Guitar Full Size! Featuring great sound and ease of playability, it is an ideal choice for beginners as well as bass musicians. Constructed with a wooden and synthetic body with a stunning finish, it delivers an outstanding look and sound

Shop for the Ibanez GSR Mikro 5-String Bass Guitar and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. and careful set-up as Ibanez's full-size SR and GSR models. The GSRM25's 28.6 scale neck is perfect for students and smal... Click To Read More About This Product high quality, and careful set-up as Ibanez's full. Both the 12-string and 6-string necks feature hand-set glued mahogany necks with a 12 radius and a 24.75 scale. Both necks also feature rosewood fingerboards with medium jumbo frets and pearloid parallelogram block inlays. The 12-string features a 1.85 nut width while the 6-string is cut to the standard 1.68. Case sold separately The neck-tilt adjustment Works in conjunction With the bridge-height adjustment to set the overall string playing height. This adjustment should be used whenever possible to set string height rather than the bridge-height adjustment (refer to Figure 5) 2. 3. Relieve String tension slightly by detuning the instrument (approximately whole steps) First is the super-elongated headstock, which is the same size as that of the 8-string bass, later produced starting in 1987. Next is the bridge configuration, which has five individual screw-thru intonation adjustment saddles, much like the 4005 or 6-string guitar models, in contrast to the standard Rickenbacker bass bridge for the 4001 and. Manufacturer: Squier, Model: Chris Aiken P Bass Neck, Neck Material: Maple, Neck Finish: Polyurethane, Neck Shape: C Shape, Neck Binding: White, Scale Length: 34 864 mm) Fingerboard: Maple, Fingerboard Radius: 9.5 241 mm) Number of Frets: 20, Fret Size: Medium Jumbo, String Nut: PPS, Nut Width: 1.625 41.3 mm) Position Inlays: Pearloid Block.

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  1. The neck of your bass must have a slight bow to play properly. If the neck were straight, you would get fret buzz, especially on notes played on the first 5 frets. If you have a capo, attach it at the first fret; otherwise, hold down the E-string (or B-string on a 5-string bass) at the 1st fret with your left index finger
  2. As you can see, each of the humbuckers above is the same physical size, but their spacing is different. CONVERSION TO INCHES: 49.2mm = 1-15/16″ 50mm = 1-31/32″ 52mm = 2-1/16″ IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PICKUP IN A GUITAR If you don't have the pickup already installed to see what string spacing you're trying to replace, measure the strings
  3. 2. Ibanez GSRM25 (Best 5 String) Check Amazon Price. Estimated Price: $450 Materials: Poplar body, maple neck Fretboard: Jatoba, 22 medium-jumbo frets Pickup Configuration: 2x Standard J5 single-coil Scale Length: 28.6 My Review: This Ibanez bass came as surprise to me considering it is a short scale five-string bass that is quite light easy to carry. It is an entry-level bass but still, it.
  4. (1) black graphite 4-string bass top nut with string slots. .236(6.0mm) Length. .351(8.9mm)High. 1.575 (40mm) Width. 1.207(30.7mm) Overall String Spacing (center of 1 to center of 4). $5.99 WHIT
  5. The five string bass and the four string bass have complete different neck sizes. The four string bass has a thin neck, while the five string bass has a lot more girth. The main use for a five string bass is to both highlight lower tuned guitars (guitars primarily tuned to B, such as seven string guitar) and to add depth to pieces
  6. 6 string model - B E A D G C Nut width 6 55 mm - 2.2″ Heel width 4 N/A Heel width 5 71 mm - 2.8″ Heel width 6 87 mm - 3.43″ Neck thickness @ 1st fret 19 mm - .748″ This is the same size as you'd find on most guitars from the 50's and 60's. Although its size is smaller than standard bass fretwire, its service life.
  7. Common nut widths on steel-string acoustic guitars. There isn't a standard nut width for steel-string acoustic guitars. Manufacturers build guitars based on their own standards but an average nut width would be close to 1 11/16 or 43mm.. However, as you can see on the comparison chart below, nut widths vary across guitars, catering to a wide range of players with different preferences in.
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The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro ¾ size bass guitar is said to be one of the best entry-level short scale bass guitars to beginners to choose from and I have to say- I disagree. The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro ¾ Size Bass Guitar is not only a great entry-level short scale bass guitar for beginners to choose from, but as an experienced guitar player, I swear by the GSRM20 Mikro bass for performances JP6 is the original Music Man John Petrucci signature model. The basswood body features a high gloss durable finish with stylish lines and an ergonomic scooped arm contour. The smooth action floating tremolo allows for raising and lowering of the pitch with impeccable tuning stability and piezo pickups. Stainless steel frets, JP shield inlays and a rosewood fretboard come standard on the ultra. A 34 scale bass is fine for a 4-string bass. For a good-sounding low B string on a 5-string bass you should seriously consider a 35 scale bass. It makes a big difference. That low B won't be so flabby and it will ring more clearly. If you have really small hands or the bass is for a child under 12, you might consider a short scale bass Delano SBC6 HE/S - 6 String Soapbar Bass Pickup Neck Only - 6 string Dual Coil P4 Size Neck Pickup Onl Five string bass guitars have one extra string, which adds a lower B string onto the instrument's range. Compared to the four string bass guitar, the five string guitar has a wider neck, which makes it more difficult to play. Five string bass guitar pairs well with jazz, rock, metal, and heavy metal music genres

Ibanez Premium BTB1906LW Bass Guitar- Florid Natural Low Gloss . 6-string Electric Bass with Lacewood Top and Back, African Mahogany Wings, 7-piece Panga Panga/Purpleheart Neck, Panga Panga Fretboard, 2 Humbucking Pickups, and 3-band Active EQ - Florid Natural Low Glos Fender created a six-string bass in the 1960s called the Bass VI, which is often considered a type of baritone guitar. and the neck width is narrow compared to most basses. I have a Schecter version of the Bass VI, the Hellcat VI, and I find it very cool and useful, but in my opinion, Bass VI style instruments should be considered a type. Ernie Ball 7-String (.009/.011/.016/.026/.036/.046/.062 6-string Multi Scale Electric Bass with African Mahogany Body, Poplar Burl Top, Panga Panga/Walnut Neck, Panga Panga Fretboard, 2 Nordstrand Big Split Pickups, and 3-band EQ - Black Ice Flat Rated 4.5/5 2 reviews Write your review Item ID: EHB1506MSBI Yinfente shop is Yinfente Musical instrument company online shopping. Our product include: Yinfente brand electric violin, electric cello, double bass, electric guitar neck , guitar body, violin bow, violin case. violin tool

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Official website of Sandberg Guitars - German producer of guitars and bass guitars: California T Bass, California V Bass, Basic Bass, Classic Bass, Custom Bass, Electra Bass, Forty Eight Bass, Panther Bass, STS Guitar, Florence Guitar, California DC Guitar, Electra DC Guitar, Forty Eight Guita Custom 7-string Music Man® floating tremolo, made of black or plated, hardened steel with black or gold plated steel saddles: Pickguard: N/A: Scale Length: 25-1/2 (64.8 cm) Neck Radius: 15 (38.1 cm) Headstock Size: Only 6-7/8 (17.5 cm) long: Frets: 24 - Medium Jumbo profile, Stainless Steel: Neck Width: 1-7/8 (47.6 mm) at nut, 2-19/32 (65. Stunning BTB Bass with Premium Aguilar Pickups. Sweetwater carries a broad selection of the very finest instruments, and the Ibanez Premium BTB1906LW 6-string bass runs with the best of them. This instrument's boutique heritage strikes you right away with its stunning lacewood top and sleek panga panga/purpleheart through neck The Mikro, 6.6. String spacing at bridge is 1 3/4 inch, ( 19mm), same as full size. Had read about plastic looking knobs, these are knurled metal. Pickups are amazing. Max out bridge or neck volume and it growls. This bass is more alive than my Dx with Preamp. Neck is thin c to d profile, similar to Epiphone EB-0

Jazz Bar. Soap Bar Jazz Style Bass Pickups for 4, 5, & 6 String sizes. the jazz bar pickup line (jb series) makes available all the standard nordstrand jazz style pickups in the most popular soapbar size covers Use the string spacing rule to locate the notches in adjustable bridge saddles. Find the overall string width by aligning the two E strings on the neck and over the pickup polepieces, then use the rule to position the other four strings. I use a tracing scribe like a miniature scratch awl to make the starter marks Compared to 4 string bass guitars: 5 string basses - have an extra B string on the low end, which allows for a deeper bass range with heavier styles of music. 6 string basses - have the same B string as well, in addition to an extra high C string, which allows for more range with soloing and progressive styles of play The 12-string guitar is a steel-string guitar with 12 strings in six courses, which produces a thicker, more ringing tone than a standard six-string guitar.Typically, the strings of the lower four courses are tuned in octaves, with those of the upper two courses tuned in unison. The gap between the strings within each dual-string course is narrow, and the strings of each course are fretted and.

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The Combustion bass features a single radius (240 mm) fingerboard. This makes for a very comfortable playing experience. Scale Lengths. 4 string model - E A D G 5 string model - B E A D G 6 string model - B E A D G C. B 37″ E 36.25″ A 35.5″ D 34.75″ G 34″ C 33.2 String spacing / neck width at nut. 4 string - 9mm spacing - 1 1/2″ 5 string - 19mm spacing - 3″ width 6 string - 16mm spacing - 3 3/16″ width (+100.00 - Kahler bridge and milling required) If you're interested in ordering a custom Wyn bass, please refer to the list of standard features as well as the various. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Learn more about Fender electric basses

6 string Jazz Bass™ X series pickup with ceramic and steel magnets in a soapbar housing. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. 45P . From $109.00. EMG's active 6 string P Bass™ pickup in a 4.5 soapbar housing Active Jazz Bass™ pickups voiced for the neck (SJ) or bridge (LJ) position . Add to Cart. Add to Compare. LJA / SJ Series-3 : 6-string bolt-on neck. 2825.00. 2354.17. His bass playing is a massive part of the band's sound both live and in the studio. Specifications common to all models : Headed woven graphite through-neck. (Headless also available) A 'P' width neck is a custom option

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Ibanez GSR 6 String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut Flat (GSR206BWNF) Ibanez 5 String Bass Guitar, Right, Mahogany Oil (GSR105EXMOL) Schecter 2853 Session RIOT-5 ANS Bass Guitar The wide neck on the Big Lou electric guitar measures 1 7/8″ wide. This wide neck allows for a full 8 mm between the strings. The wide neck on the Big Lou electric guitar is much easier for a beginner to play. Accuracy does not count as much. Your playing will sound better, as it is harder to make a mistake on a wide neck guitar The string gauges shown below are for a light string set. For a medium set, add .002″ to the wound string sizes and .001″ to the unwound string sizes. For example, for a medium set, for low C you would want .036″ instead of .034″. For high E you'd want .011″ instead of .010″ Washburn P11S 6 string Parlor Guitar One of My Favorites. P55 KOA Washburn Parlor; Ortega Family series 3/4 size Classical guitar; After hours of research I found that some parlor and 3/4 size guitars do not allways have 18 frets. Some of these guitars have 19 and even 20 inch frets. Depending on the model and manufacture

ESP LTD Brian Head Welch SH-7ET FM Signature 7-StringMayones Jabba Hadrien Feraud 5 Bass, Antique Brown, Delano
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