What does Lennie finally do when Curley punches him

In Chapter Three, Curley has accused Slim of eying his wife, a charge which Slim and the others laugh off. Lennie, who is still dreaming about the rabbits, also smiles, which leads Curley to confront him aggressively. Curley punches Lennie in the face. Lennie does not immediately fight back, instead crying and calling to George for help What does Lennie finally do when Curley punches him, with George's insistence? answer choices . he does not fight back at all. he begins to weep. he attempts to strangle Curley. he crushes Curley's hand. Tags: Question 7 . SURVEY . 120 seconds As Curley is punching Lennie in the face, Lennie backs into the wall and says, Make 'um let me alone, George (Steinbeck, 31). After George yells three times for Lennie to defend himself, Lennie.. What does Lennie finally do when Curley punches him? A. he does not fight back at all B. he begins to weep C. he attempts to strangle Curley D. he crushes Curley's hand . 24. Curley was A. blackmailed into lying about his broken hand. What does Lennie do at first, when Curley punches him? Doesn't fight back. Who is not a dangerous woman in the novel? aunt clara. according to Crooks, what would happen to Lennie without George? Be sent to the boobie hatch. According to Curley's wife, under what condition do men speak to her

What did Lennie do to Curley's Hands in Chapter Three

  1. What does Lennie do when Curley first punches him? He cries out for George and weeps. When will the men speak to Curley's wife? When no one else is around. What is the treat that Curley's wife makes in Crooks' cabin? To have Crooks lynched. What does Crooks say that upsets Lennie
  2. Curley, on the defensive and looking for someone to fight, picks a fight with Lennie and punches him unmercifully. Lennie doesn't protect himself until George tells him to fight back. When Lennie does, he crushes all the bones in Curley's hand
  3. Looking at Lennie, Curley fists his hands and assumes a fighter's stance. He wants to know if they are the new guys, and when George answers, Curley insists that Lennie must talk when he is spoken to. Lennie repeats George's answer softly. Satisfied, Curley leaves to go look for his father
  4. He slaps him. He punches Curley in the mouth and knocks out his front teeth. He crushes Curley's hand with his own bare hand

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In chapter 3 of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, why do you

However, when Curley picks a fight with Lennie and starts beating him about the face, George encourages Lennie to fight back, which he does not do. Reacting solely out of fear, Lennie grabs hold of.. What does Curly want to do with lennie? A. Shoot him B. Help him C. Catch him D. Nothing 1 See answer markwilison is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points. alexanad987 alexanad98

The most elemental reason that Curley picks the fight with Lennie is to prove he can. When he sees Lennie smiling at the thought of the farm and the rabbits that George has discussed, Curley sees it as Lennie laughing at him. This causes Curley to fly into a rage and take on Lennie Angry, Curley accuses Lennie of laughing at him and starts to punch him; Lennie panics but does not react until George shouts at him to fight back. Lennie grabs Curley's hand and crushes it Slim is angry at Curley for constantly asking about his wife. Curley, on the defensive and looking for someone to fight, picks a fight with Lennie and punches him unmercifully. Lennie doesn't protect himself until George tells him to fight back. When Lennie does, he crushes all the bones in Curley's hand

When Lennie grabbed Curleys fist and held him down, Steinbeck described Curley as 'the flopping little man' and, 'white and shaken'. Curley is now the weak, defenceless looser instead of a punk. Finally, the scene is made dramatic when Lennie refuses to accept orders from George. 'Leggo of him, Lennie. Let go' What does Lennie do to Curly? A. He punches him in the face. B. He smashes his hand. C. He breaks his arm. D. He knocks out his teeth. 5. How does George treat Lennie? A. Like his child B. Like his brother. C. Like a stranger D Why does Curley attack Lennie? After Slim denies Curley's accusation that he was hanging around Curley's wife, Curley looks to take his anger out on an easier target, and chooses Lennie. Lennie is smiling with delight as he dreams about the future farm, ignorant that he has attracted Curley's humiliated anger To top this all off Curley punches him and Lennie starts to bleed. If he wanted to scare Curley he could of done something else like pretend that he is doing something really bad to somebody else. But getting mad at him, not giving Curley a chance to explain himself, and then finally punching him is just plane mean

If you have read the novel, Of Mice and Men, do you think you can pass this quiz? The book has many different themes. The most important topic of the book is friendship. The characters, Georgie and Lennie, wanted to achieve the American dream by working together. The support that George and Lennie have on one another is essential to both of them. Taking this quiz will assist you in finding out. When Curley picks a fight with Lennie, what does Lennie eventually do to Curley that essentially stops the fight? Lennie catches Curley's second punch and crash down his hand 6. Support the popular opinion that Candy's dog is a symbol for Lennie. Candy 's dog represents the fate that awaits anyone who has survived its purpose. 7 What does Curly want to do with Lennie? a. shoot him b. help him c. catch him d. nothing 2 See answers DeathAngel14 DeathAngel14 Curly Wants to shoot lennie Because lennie accidentally killed curly's wife.. Lennie is totally defenseless. He cannot avoid the dangers presented by Curley, Curley's wife, or the world at large. His innocence raises him to a standard of pure goodness that is more poetic and literary than realistic Again, Lennie is too stunned to react, so Curley continues to beat on him. Lennie is a bloody mess by the time George tells Lennie to fight back. At that point Lennie simply grabs Curley's swinging fist and smashes every bone in his hand. Finally, George gets Lennie to release Curley, and the men all agree that Curley needs to see a doctor

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How does Lennie react when Curley's wife tries to talk with him in the barn? Why? What does it mean that Lennie was not to be drawn in? How does she finally get him to talk with her? How does the author develop suspense in these pages? And then her words tumbled out in a passion of communication, as though she hurried before her. 2. Curley and his wife had only been married a few weeks. 3. Curley's wife asked Lennie to feel her hair. 4. Curley's wife tried to scream which made Lennie panic. 5. Lennie didn't mean to hurt Curley's wife. 6. Lennie ran away and hid. 7. Lennie has gotten into trouble before for being too rough with women. 8 The story begins with George Milton and Lennie Small traveling together along the Salinas River in California to find work. Later, George finds him petting a dead mouse in his pocket, and when George throws it into the bushes, Lennie cries. Lennie likes to pet soft things. Then, what is the mood in Chapter 2 of mice and men Crooks stop joking, being afraid of what Lennie could do to him. In addition, when curly hits him, Lennie believes he was laughing at him, Lennie does not riposte and his face becoming bloodied until George tells him that he should riposte a) The farmer b) Curley's father c) The bus driver d) The shop keeper 5) How does Lennie respond to Curley's taunts? a) He tells the boss b) He crushes his hand c) He punches him in the face d) He laughs 6) Whart do Lennie and Goerge dream of

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  1. Curley wants to kill Lennie because he killed his wife and George dosen't want him to. I think George does not want Curley to kill him because George wants to do it himself unlike Candy like he did with his dog and have regrets about not doing it himself. Chapter 5 Entry
  2. Lennie didn't do nothing to him. - John Steinbeck, Curley Of Mice and Men, Page . It turns out Curley just thinks Lennie is intimidating. George is also afraid that Curley's wife will create problems. George has to guard Lennie from her or Curley could use her as an excuse to fight with him, even though Curley's wife is a flirtatious.
  3. Slim gives Lennie one of his pups. It has to stay in the barn with its mom until it gets bigger, but Lennie tries to sneak it out. Carlson complains for a long while about the stink produced by Candy's dog and finally convinces Candy to allow him to shoot the dog. Though Candy protests, he cannot find anyone to back him up
  4. scowling at Curley about his wife. Lennie is still smiling over his delight at their ranch and Curley thinks he's laughing at him. At first Lennie tries to avoid a fight, hiding his face in his hands as Curley pummels him. But soon George tells him, A Teacher's Guide to John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men
  5. Who pressures him, and why does he finally agree? 6. What favor does Carlson offer to do for Candy? 7. Describe the offer Candy makes to George. Does George agree to the offer? Why or why not? 8. Why does Curley attack Lennie? Explain what Lennie does when Curley attacks him. 9. What is Lennie's biggest concern after the ordeal with Curley? 10
  6. We learn in chapter 4 that Lennie accidentally kills one of Slim's puppies. Lennie is heartbroken, but Curley's wife comes to soothe him by allowing Lennie pet her hair. Later, Lennie begins to unexpectedly pull on her scalp as she screams in pain. He then proceeds to try and make her stop yelling but shakes her too hard and breaks her neck
  7. Name the 2 things George tells Lennie to do with regard to Curley. 1. Don't have anything to do w/ Curley- don't even talk to him.2. If Curley hits you first, beat him up. What does George tell Lennie that Curley's wife is? What does he instruct Lennie to do about her? A piece of jail bait. George tells Lennie not to even look at he


Carlson finally persuades Candy to let him shoot the dog. What is George's goal in Of Mice and Men? The fragile relationship bonding the unlikely couple of George Milton and Lennie Small in John Steinbeck's novella, Of Mice and Men, is one solidified by the pursuit of a common goal: the American Dream This gives him a sense of power, he feels bigger because people are afraid to even throw a punch at him. With Curley around the ranch it will be very hard for George and Lennie to keep their jobs. Curley is intimidating to both George and Lennie, mainly because he finds any excuse to fight with them. Curley always got a chip on his. Lennie didn't do nothing to him.' Candy explains that Curley used to be a light-weight boxer and does not like large men, like Lennie. He says it has gotten even worse since Curley got married two. a) Curley felt threatened by Lennie b) None of the above is a reasonable explanation c) Curley thought Lennie was laughing at him d) Curley used to be a boxer and wanted to show off. e) Curley can do what he wants because he is the boss's so Lennie gets the dead mouse again and tries to hide it from George. George lies, telling him that Lennie is his cousin and he looks after him because he was kicked in the head by a horse as a child. Although still mistrustful, the Boss tells George and Lennie that they will be working on Slim's grain team

When Curley first meets George and Lennie, the reader senses the ominous nature of this man, as does Lennie. '' 'I don't want no trouble,' Lennie mourned. 'I never done nothing to him.' 14. What does Candy say to George about his dog? 15. Why does Curley attack Lennie? How does the fight finally end? 16. How does Slime force Curley to keep his mouth shut about what really happened to Curley's hand? 17. Can you think of any ways in which the author prepared us for the ways that Lennie squeezed Curley's hand? 18. Can you think. The fight illustrates Lennie's strength and makes Curley the object of ridicule: despite Curley's boxing experience, the fight ends as George finally gives Lennie permission, dog-like, to get him, and Lennie simply stops one of Curley's punches with a hand, crushing it in his grip Chapter 6 Journal Response Questions Directions: Choose 2 of the questions below and write a response. Each response needs to be a paragraph in length, or 5 plus sentences. Remember that a paragraph consists of an opening or introductory sentence, a concluding sentence, and the middle sentences contain the details and proof of your point

Well, Curley's pretty handy, the swamper said skeptically. Never did seem right to me. S'pose Curley jumps a big guy an' licks him. Ever'body says what a game guy Curley is. And s'pose he does the same thing and gets licked. Then ever'body says the big guy oughtta pick on somebody his own size, and maybe they gang up on the big guy This loneliness of Curley was typical of men on ranches in 1930s America. Curley wants to get more authority on the ranch. When we first see Curley, he is described as closing his hands into fists and stiffening his back into a slight crouch after looking at Lennie, showing the reader that Curley wants more authority over him

What do the men think about Curley's wife? What would happen to Lennie without George (according to Crooks)? What is the significance of Georges explanation that he and Lennie are cousins? What does George tell Lennie to do when they get to where they are going? Why are he and Lennie different from other migrant laborers, according to George Crooks seems all moody when Lennie first enters his room. He seems kind of defensive because finally someone visits him for the first time in a long time. Everyone knows that crooks is happy because finally he doesnt feel lonely. He just has to put on the act of not caring. Comment by trayyd April 25, 2007 @ 1:28 p Lennie doesn't want to fight and begs George for help. Curley punches Lennie in the face and, going against his own promises to protect Lennie, George encourages Lennie to fight back. In nervous retaliation, Lennie grabs Curley's fist in his own and squeezes; as a result, Curley starts flopping like a fish on a line When Lennie doesn't say anything because George told him not to, Curley punches him repeatedly. George tells Lennie to protect himself, so Lennie grabs Curley's hand and squeezes it and won't let go because he is so scared. Finally after George slaps him multiple times, he lets go, but Curley's had is broken. Then, later, when Lennie is in the. Noticeably terrified, Lennie begs George to stop Curley. Irritated at Curley's taunts, Slim nearly throws a punch, but before he can, George instructs Lennie to get 'im. Mid-punch, Curley finds his fist grasped by Lennie, who proceeds to crush his fingers and hand, incapable of letting go until instructed to do so by George. Slim.

Curley causes a fight between Lennie and he. He throws several punches at Lennie, but Lennie stands there doing nothing because he is too scared to do anything. he does things when George tells him to fight back. that's when he grabs Curley's hand and crushes it. Slim and George must pull Lennie off of Curley and Curley ends up with all of the. The Boss's son, Curley, enters the bunkhouse. and sizes Lennie up, demanding that he talks to him. After Curley leaves, Candy warns George that Curley is a boxer who enjoys beating up bigger men

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When Curley comes in with Slim, Lennie is still thinking about the dream, and smiling. Curley hits Lennie until George tells Lennie to fight back. Lennie crushes Curley's hand. (pp 62‐64) Slim tells Curley to say that he got his hand stuck in a machine beating up Lennie. Eventually, Lennie expresses his worry of Curley getting him in trouble and George just tells him to steer clear of both Curley and his wife. At the end of the chapter Lennie and George leave the bunkhouse to go eat lunch with the rest of their co-workers a) The farmer b) Curley's father c) The bus driver d) The shop keeper 5) How does Lennie respond to Curley's taunts? a) He ignores him b) He crushes his hand c) He punches him in the face d) He laughs 6) Whart do Lennie and Goerge dream of? a) Their own shop b) Jobs in the city c) Living in a city d) Living on their own ranch 7) What does. On Saturday night, Crooks sits on his bunk alone, rubbing liniment into his sore back, when Lennie appears in the open doorway and looks in on him. Though Lennie smiles amiably at Crooks, Crooks warns Lennie not to come into his room. Lennie says he simply came to visit his puppy and wanted to say hello to Crooks when he saw the man's light on. Crooks says that just as he isn't wanted in. At first Lennie tries to avoid a fight, hiding his face in his hands as Curley pummels him. But soon George tells him, Get him, Lennie. Don't let him do it. Finally, Lennie grabs Curley's hand and won't let go. George keeps slapping Lennie in the face trying to get him to, Leggo of him, Lennie. Let go. When he does it is clear Curley is.

Describe the fight between Lennie and Curly?? Of Mice

Slim is tired of being accused of spending time with Curley's wife. Curley, already in a bad mood, saw Lennie smiling and laughing to himself still daydreaming about his rabbit-filled farm, and punches Lennie in the face. Lennie was terrified and tried to block the punches, but Curley hits him in the nose and stomach to describe Curley's actions earlier in this section - slashed etc. The reader can see him for what he is a coward. The next, and final encounter the reader has with Curley is at the end after Lennie has killed his wife. Interestingly, when all the men come in to the barn to see the body, Curley does nothing at first - it is left t

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He throws several punches, bloodying Lennie's face, and hits him in the gut before George urges Lennie to fight back. On George's command, Lennie grabs Curley's right hand and breaks it effortlessly. As Slim leads Curley away to a doctor, he warns him not to have George and Lennie fired, or he will be made the laughingstock of the ranch Lennie's fight with Curley is very important to the theme of violence in this novel. The fight demonstrates to the ranch hands that Curley is not actually as tough as he appears. Although Lennie does even fight back when Curley initially attack him, once he finally responds, he easily overpowers Curley Of Mice and Men, Chapter 2, George to Lennie about Curley. George is afraid Curley will hurt his friend and advises him to keep his mouth shut and go to the other side of the room whenever Curley is around. But if Curley punches him, he is to let him have it What does Candy offer Lennie and George so he can share their plan to own their own place? Why does Curley attack Lennie and how does Lennie finally stop Curley from hitting him? What is the reader meant to feel and/or understand by the end of this scene? Briefly retell George's account (to Slim) of the last time he was mean to Lennie Curley's wife doesn't have any friends on the ranch. The ranch workers see her as jail bait. Seeing Curley's wife always lonely would have great impact on the reader. The reader would feel extremely apologetic towards her.George and Lennie have a strong bond of friendship. However when Lennie is on his own he's jes' like a.

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Lennie's past with a women in Weed is a foreshadow what will happen in the end. The writer brings this story here to tell us the reason for which George and Lennie moved ranches and also to warn the reader of what is to come. This is then developed on with the attack on Curley, the puppy dying and then finally Curley's wife's death George looked around at Lennie. 'Jesus, what a tramp,' he said. 'So that's what Curley picks for a wife.' 'She's purty,' said Lennie defensively. 'Yeah, and she's sure hidin' it. Curley got his work ahead of him. Bet she'd clear out for twenty bucks.' Lennie still stared at the doorway where she had been. 'Gosh, she wa Curley was exonerated because he was involved with another fighter when Resto's gloves were delivered. In the back of the neat, five-month- old gym, there is a large room with refrigerator, dining.

What does Lennie do to curley in chapter three? - Answer

He teases Lennie, and takes pleasure in it, as though at last he is being able to do to someone else what has been done to him for his whole life, ' Crooks face lights with pleasure in his torture. During this conversation, Crooks asks Lennie what he would do if George got hurt. Lennie gets very angry at the thought of George being harmed. Seeing this and afraid that he might get hurt by Lennie, Crooks tells him that George is fine. A little later, Candy shows up to talk to Lennie about the rabbits. Crooks again says that he has see

OF MICE AN MEN. What does Curly want to do with lennie? A ..

He resents being treated so poorly so often, but he also knows there's little he can do other than keep to himself and try to avoid the ire of Curley and the boss. Lennie 's poor understanding of social norms and his intense desire for friendship lead him to come to Crooks's room one evening in search of company. As Crooks slowly and. 8. What does George tell Slim happened in Weed? Lennie tried to pet a girl's dress because he thought it was soft; she screamed, so he grabbed her dress harder; when she got away, she claimed Lennie raped her. 9. What sneaky thing does Lennie try to do? Bring his puppy from Slim into the bunkhouse. 10

Why did Curley fight with Lennie in Chapter 3

Curley's wife tells him about her dream to be an actress, and she tells him her secret that she does not like Curley. Why does Curley's wife offer to let Lennie caress her hair? Curley's wife says that she shares Lennie's fondness of soft things and since she regards him as a big baby, she sees no harm in letting him feel the. to boast. George is referring to the fact that Curley may want to prove what a good fighter he is by going after Lennie. • poison: A woman who is poison is one who can only mean trouble, especially to a man. • poke: A poke is a wallet or purse. Poke also refers to money; especially all the money one has 10. Why does George have to give up the idea of the dream farm once Lennie kills Curley's wife? George had to give up the dream of the farm because once Lennie killed Curly's wife he , realized that that dream wasn't real. He always told it to George to make him happy and maybe to even persuade him to not do bad things, but once he realized. Pot, meet kettle: Curley's wife is calling Crooks, Lennie, and Candy weak because they didn't go off to the whorehouse with the rest of the men but here she is, too. She's weak just by default—and all the ostrich-feather heels and pretty dresses she can wear doesn't make her powerful

Then when George tells Lennie to do something, Lennie grabs Curly's hand and cannot control his own powerful strength. George slapped him ion the face again and again, and still Lennie held on to the closed fist.(63) shows how even if George slaps Lennie, Lennie still cannot control his strength Lennie ain't handy, but this Curley punk is gonna get hurt if he messes around with Lennie. Well, Curley's pretty handy, the swamper said skeptically. Never did seem right to me Curley sees Lennie smiling and more than half willing takes it for laughing at him. So Curley starts to punch and beat him up. Lennie is scared, doesn't know what to do, and when George says to him, Get'im, Lennie! and he catches Curley's hand and crushes it, almost every bone in his hand. Chapter 5 1. What is Lennie's response to.

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