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  1. 1/4 WAVE BASE LOADED ANTENNA CUT CHART. Visibile Description: Black Coil, Silver Spring, Silver Whip. B132S under the coil..
  2. 52-174 MHz Unity 1/4 Wave 512 10-3/16 9-1/4 CUTTING CHART FOR LOAD COIL ANTENNAS 1) Locate the proper cutting chart for your antenna on one of the charts listed on this chart. 2) The charts list the rod length in inches. 3) Due to the continuing improvement of our entire antenna line, the cutting chart you hav
  3. ALWAYS use a quality standing wave meter or antenna analyzer to check the final installed system! VHF 5/8 Wave Cutting Chart (3db
  4. Below is a quarter wave ground plane antenna I made for 23cm, 1296MHz which is made from off-cuts of household mains copper wire and a scrap BNC socket from the junk box. The one pictured below is for receiving ADS-B aircraft signals on 1090MHz, again using scrap copper, but this time a purchased N-Type chassis socket
  5. g the length of your antenna. It gives you an idea of the change in wire length needed to move antenna resonance a specific number of KHz. Dimensions are for each leg of a half-wave dipole ; For quarter-wave antennas (i.e. verticals ) use the dimensions directly from this chart
  6. 204 www.radialllarsen.com 1 800 ANTENNA 205 CUTTING CHARTS BSA490C (using PO antenna) Operating Freq. Inches (w/o spring
  7. g 1/4 wave verticals, 1/2 wave dipoles, and full wave loop lengths. All antenna lengths in the information below are in feet and are the results based on the standard formula of 468 / FMhz = total length in feet

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  1. The formula for calculating the approximate length of a quarter-wave vertical antenna is: Quarter-wavelength in feet: 234 / frequency in MHz. Quater-wavelength in meters: 71.5 / frequency in MHz. To use the calculator, enter the desired operating frequency in megahertz to get a starting length in both feet and meters for building a quarter-wave.
  2. The actual length in feet of a half-wave is 492/F and the length of a quarter-wave in feet is 246/F. If the diameter is greater, then the fudge factor will be smaller. I have attached a graph showing how the length of an antenna varies with the ratio of the diameter of the conductor to the wavelength of the signal. Glen, K9ST
  3. 146 MHz 48 121.9 45 1/4 114.9 148 MHz 47 119.4 44 1/4 112.4 150 MHz 46 1/4 117.5 43 1/4 109.9 152 MHz 45 1/2 115.6 42 1/2 108.0 154 MHz 44 3/4 113.7 41 7/8 106.4 156 MHz 44 1/4 112.4 40 1/4 102.2 158 MHz 43 3/8 110.2 40 1/8 101.9 160 MHz 42 3/4 108.6 39 5/8 100.6 162 MHz 41 7/8 106.4 38 7/8 98.
  4. A long time ago, I purchased a Solarcon Antron 99 antenna for my propagation beacon. The Antron 99 is really a CB antenna, but with only slight returning, it works very well on the 10-meter band. In the Antron advertising, it explains that it is a '1/2 wave over 1/4 wave variable mutual transductance tuned antenna' with a dB gain of 9.9 dBi

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Mobile Load Coil Antenna Spring B132S MODEL DESCRIPTION OVERALL HEIGHT TUNING B132S 132-525 MHz, Base Loaded 1/4 Wave Broadband, Chrome Finish 23 See Cutting Chart BB132S 132-525 MHz, Base Loaded 1/4 Wave Broadband, Black Finish 23 See Cutting Chart MODEL AND ORDERING INFORMATION MECHANICAL Height 23 (Also, see cutting chart) Diameter. Then at the base of the antenna at the feed point, the voltage is at a minimum and the current is at its maximum. This gives the antenna a low feed impedance. Typically this is around 20Ω. Basic quarter wave vertical antenna showing current magnitudes. The ground is obviously an important part of the RF antenna This calculator is designed to give the vertical length (height) of a particular whip type antenna, or the frequency of it. Enter one (only one) value, the desired frequency or the antenna length in any length field. Click on Calculate and the opposite value will be displayed in feet and inches or frequency in megahertz (Mhz) The distance between one point to another adjacent point in a wave is known as the wavelength. It is inversely proportional to the frequency which means the wave with higher frequency will have shorter wavelength. This calculator will help you to calculate the different wavelength of antennas based on the frequency

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If you need a 1/4 wave piece of coax for, say, 7.150 MHz start by calculating the freespace wavelength Wavelength (Freespace-7.150MHz) = 300m/s / 7.150 MHz = 41.95 meters divide this by 4 to get 1/4 wave 41.95 meters / 4 = 10.48 meter • Soldering iron, 40 - 75 watts 1. Drill a 3/4 hole in the vehicle with antenna hole cutting saw, Motorola part # RPX-4378A, and remove all burrs. The antenna hold saw will remove paint in a narrow ring around hole to assure good metal contact between vehicle and mount. Page 8: Trunk Lid Mount Installatio Wavelength, as well as its portions: 1/2, 1/4 (it'll also allow you to use it as a 1/2 wave dipole calculator). In the advanced mode: You may enter the diameter of your conductor to obtain the adjustment factor [k]. You may need it for high frequencies and thick wires, or if your antenna will be made out of the tube Uhf antenna cutting chart vhf yagi embly instructions mobile antennas Maxrad Vhf Antenna Cutting Chart PflagBase And Mobile Antenna Cutting Chart From Ln AntennasAntennaAntenna471 Brighton Drive Bloomingdale Il 60108Maxrad 1 2 Wave 220 Mhz 4 Meter 4db Nmo Ham AntennaAntenna Systems InformationPctel 2010 Mobile Antennas ManualzzLand Mobile Radio Antenna Line471 Brighton Drive Bloomingdale Il.

VHF ANTENNA CUT CHART This antenna has a power rating of 150 watts. This antenna does not require a ground plane, and has a VSWR of less than a 1.5:1 with a 50 ohm impedance. The connecting cable can be RG-58, if the run is less than 20'. RG-8X is recommended for runs in excess of 20'. The antenna whip should be trimme Connect with me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/m3hhyofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/M3HHY Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/OfficialM3HHY. For a 30m quarter wave vertical the sums are: 300/10.1MHz = 29.7m/four = 7.42m or about 7.054m if using PVC-coated wire. Once optimised expect to see an SWR of about 50 Ohms/36 Ohms (the impedance of a quarter wave vertical) = 1.4:1 or 1.5:1 NOT 1:1

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  1. >> I need the cutting length for a Larsen NMO-40 for operation on 47.42 mhz. >> Thanks Joe >My chart shows to start with a 40 inch rod and using an swr meter trim >about 1/4 inch at a time to get the match. >46.0 mhz = 40 inch rod 101.60 cm >48.0 mhz = 37 inch rod 93.97 cm >Charles KD4HH
  2. Home Sweet Home - Photos of St.Lucia - Open Irlp Nodes - Ham Radio Links - Antenna Chart 2m-70cm Antennas - Map of St.Lucia - About Me - Contact me . Antenna Chart. ANTENNA DIMENSION CHART NOTE: ALL MEASUREMENTS ON THE CHART IS PER LEG CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR A LAGER IMAGE AN ANTENNA THAT WORKS.
  3. Diamond mc 101 pl antennenstrahler 134 uhf 450 470 mhz 5dbd gain 5 8 wave over antenna systems information telco a1511a 132 970 mhz quarterwave maxrad vhf antenna cutting chart the Base And Mobile Antenna Cutting Chart From Ln AntennasAntennaMaxrad Vhf Antenna Cutting Chart The FutureA1845a 50 Telco Uhf 450 470 Mhz 5dbd Gain 5 Read More
  4. Cutting wire is easier/cheaper than adding! Dimensions are for each leg of a half wave dipole. For quarter wave antennas: apply the change in length directly from this chart. For full wavelength (loop) antennas: multiply the chart dimension by four (4×) and change the overall length of the antenna by that amount
  5. ANTENNA GUIDE - Rugged Radios: Headsets, Intercoms, 2-Way If the length of your antenna does not match the frequency range you need as shown below, then modifications may be required. Refer to the charts below for your antenna type and proper cut length. 1/4 Wave NGP ANTENNA GUIDE updated May 11, 2017.

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Wez (26CW113) and Jake (26CW128) build another 1/4 wave antenna for the PMR446 band. For these frequencies, the calculator suggests using a radiating element.. What I'm considering doing is getting the TRAM NMO mobile to ground plane base adapter and using it for my base antenna. Current I have a home made 1/4 wave I made about 6 years ago for VHF, but also thinking about building a dual band version of it instead. But the question today is tuning the Tram 1180.. 1/4 Wave Antenna Calculator. John M0UKD. 11th June 2017. Comments. I have been making a few 1/4 wave antennas lately, mainly for UHF and the GHz bands with good success, so I decided to create a calculator to simplify the process and maybe get some people who have not tried one before to give it a go Antenna length based on the following formulars: 1/2 λ dipole (feet)= 468 / frequency in Mhz. 1/2 λ dipole (meters) = 142.65 / frequency in Mhz: Full wave loop (feet) = 1005 / frequency in Mhz: Full wave loop (meters) = 306.32 / frequency in Mhz: Cut wire slightly longer for connecting insulators and pruning Coaxial cables 1/4 wave long serve a variety of useful purposes in antenna assemblies. Whether it is the phase delay line for a Turnstile Antenna like the 80 meter Turnstile Antenna or to make the feed lines for a four-square antenna, the transformer action of a 90 degree long feed line serves many purposes

VHF and UHF Antenna Systems 18-21 Fig23—These drawings illustrate the dimensions for the 144-MHz ground-plane antenna. Ground-plane Antennas for 144, 222 and 440MHz For the FM operator living in the primary coverage area of a repeate r, the ease of construction and low cost of a 1/4-λ ground-plane antenna make it an ideal choice. Three di. To summarize this chart, the GB-QEC is almost equal to the 1/4 wave vertical in forward direction but with some rear rejection. The 20m Buddistick has greater forward gain, some rear rejection but considerable high angle radiation. This antenna makes a great Field day antenna at my QTH as it can point north and cover most of the USA and Canada

The normal quarter wave ground plane antenna consists of a vertical radiator which is insulated and centered between 4 horizontal surrounding radials which extend out from the base of the antenna. Each radial is evenly spaced (90 degrees apart from each other) around the vertical element. Enter the desired frequency VHF Marine antennas typically use 1/4 wavelength, 1/2 wavelength, and 5/8th wavelength ratios. A 1/4 wave antenna then would be an antenna with an electrical length one-fourth of the actual signal's wavelength. At VHF Marine frequencies, a 1/4 wave antenna would be 1/4th of 1.9 Meters the quarter-wave vertical element. Here the seven different total wire-lengths spanned the range from 500 feet (just less than one wavelength of wire) to 32,000 feet (almost 60 WL). As usual, Figure 2 —Gain of a quarter-wave 80 meter vertical antenna over average soil, as the number of buried radials is varied, for seven different total. 1-1/4 Meter Mobile Gain Antenna Model CG-220. Identical electrical characteristics as the CGT-220 listed above. Collinear design 5/8 wave phased over 1/4 wave. Supplied with 3/8 x 24 threaded base for use with standard ball mounts or other compatible Hustler mounts. Gain:5.2 dB; Length:4'9. Bandwidth:4 MHz

Manufacturer Tram Product Description 1/4 Wave Antenna Frequency (MHz) 144-148 & 440-450 Product Narrative Magnet Mount Antenna Usable Bandwidth 4/10 MHz Gain (dB) 0/2.5 Maximum Power... $26.95 Tram 1233-BN Laird B1443 Technologies Wave Antenna 4.8 out of 5 stars 5. $45.00. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Browning 450MHz-470MHz UHF 3dBd Land Mobile NMO Antenna 4.5 out of 5 stars 49. $24.44. Laird Technologies - 450-470 MHz Unity Gain Quarterwave Antenna - Blac If each 'side' to that dipole is 1/4 wave long, making the total length 1/2 wave, it'll work just dandy. I think you'll find that a single 1/4 wave element, no 'other half' of it anywhere (making the total length 1/2 wave) won't work, because it isn't even close to 50 ohms input impedance, and certainly not resonant

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Simply adjust the antenna element slightly longer than the factory 1/4 wavelength (up to 20% longer) settings and the impedance will rise. This will cause the radials to be too long, so they may need to be pruned a bit. e aware that increasing the antenna 2% to 3% longer may require radials to be 5% to 7% shorter 132-525MHz VHF 1/4 Wave Broadband Models. Laird Technologies Mobile Load Coil Antenna. This mobile antenna is designed and built for demanding applications and typically outlast the cars they are mounted on If you had an outdoor half-wave dipole antenna, cut to vibrate at that exact frequency, it would be 39 feet 2 3/4 inches long (11.957 meters long). It would vibrate in response to the radio frequency (RF) energy it captures from Radio Marti. Its vibrations would be strongest at 11.93 MHz SWR or Standing Wave Ratio is a measurement of antenna efficiency. When you transmit you are sending Radio Frequency energy along your feedline (usually coax) to your antenna. The antenna then converts this RF energy into Electro-Magnetic energy which is radiated into space

Same antenna, new name. The A99 is a 1/2 wave over a 1/4 wave antenna for CB (11 meters). CB'ers found the A99 to be a great antenna that performed better than most other antennas in it's class. And hams found it to work well from 17 through 10 meters as well. This new big brother antenna was named the I-MAX 2000 for it's performance values May 31, 2018 - It is very easy to create a simple 1/2 wave dipole, all you need is some lengths of wire such as the core of some mains flex. May 31, 2018 - It is very easy to create a simple 1/2 wave dipole, all you need is some lengths of wire such as the core of some mains flex How to make a Simple Dipole Antenna My interest in making DIY 1/2 wave dipoles with the little PCBs I illustrated is related to the idea that it would be easy to connect antenna arms that are the relevant 1/4 wave length for some specific frequency within the 450MHz to 650MHz band

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QW152 Antenex Laird Quarter Wave unity gain antenna. 152-162MHz. 18 long. 1/4 wave antenna featuring brass button contact and heavy duty Stand-Up grommets that last longer and stay straighter. Ball tip is removable for field tuning. Cutting chart supplied DIY FM dipole antenna or half wave antenna are the most used because is easy to build and cost a few bucks but has some drawbacks like little directionality, small gain. The rf dipole antenna is build generally like in the picture but it is symmetric and the coaxial cable is asymmetric, that's why we use a piece of coaxial cable, that it is. Antenna Type: 3 dB: 5/8 wave over a 1/4 wave 5 dB: 5/8 wave over a 1/4 wave MUF4505 Model Frequency Range Factory Tuned Frequency Gain Rod/Coil Type MUF3505(S) 350-400 MHz Antennas are field tunable within the specified frequency range. 5 dB Collinear/Close Dipole Antenna Calculator. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. The larger the wire, the wider the bandwidth. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. Place a 1:1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline PCTEL's PCTCNMFT Maxrad 118 - 940 MHz field tunable titanium gray antenna. Quarter wave, 150 W, unity gain. Order desired Motorola mount separately

Antenna? Transformer is a 1:49 or 1:64 UnUn (not 1:4 or 1:9 used on random wire antennas) 50 Ohm Coax from transformer to station Multi-Band (works on all harmonics) Deploy it horizontal, sloping, inverted-L, inverted-V Commercial example: MyAntennas EFHW-8010-2K Pass it around (I want it back! The second reason you may want to use the 5/8 wave vertical is to obtain a lower angle of radiation. A half wave antenna's radiation peak angle is 20 degrees. You'll find that the 5/8 wave antenna's angle of radiation is just 16 degrees making it an even better dx antenna. You may have noticed a pattern developing here Discription- this particular antenna is a typical NMO based antenna that arrives like most 1/4 wave antennas; 21 inches in lenght, NMO style mount, and 17 ft. of attached coax. All you do is attach to a 3/4 hole or mag mount (if you opt for that option) and cut to frequency per supplied cutting chart For example a half-wave dipole cut for operation on 40 metres (7MHz) will also operate as a three half-wavelength dipole on 15 metres (21MHz), although the SWR will be slightly higher. Half-wave dipoles used on anything other than their fundamental frequency of operation, or any odd multiple of this, will work, but you will need to use an ATU Laird B1442NR VHF Antenna Frequency: 144-174MHz (tuneable) No ground plane required. Meaning it can be mounted on either a non-metal or metal surface. NMO style antenna Unity Gain when mounted on non-metal surface. 2.4 dB gain when mounted on metal surface. Max power 200 Watts Lengt

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The physical length of an 80 meter 1/4 wave wire is approximately 66 feet, depending on what part of the band it is being cut to. To make this physically shorter, while keeping it electrically a 1/4 wave length, we add inductance to the wire MURS 1/4 wave nmo mobile Antenna 150-155 MHZ Heavy Duty with cutting chart. $16.00. Free shippin

item 2 UHF Antenna 1/4 Wave Chrome Ham Radio NMO Mounting NEW Quarter Wavelength NMO antenna for 136-860MHz. Cut to desired frequency with included cutting chart. 200W power capacity. Gold plated Motorola NMO base. Requires NMO mount (not included).. PCTEL 1/4 Wave Wideband Antenna w/ Spring Silver 380-520 MHz (MWU4002S uhf 3db gain 5/8 wave brite finish antenna with shock spring 490-512mhz $0.00. a1843b-06. uhf 3db gain 5/8 wave black finish antenna 406-430mhz $0.00. a1843b-30. uhf 3db gain 5/8 wave black finish antenna 430-450mhz $0.00. view as: grid | list (1 to 24 of 62) « prev | next ».

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cutting chart and connect them firmly with the set screws. Gain 2.15dBi (Fig 1, Fig 2) Max pow Rating: 200W DIAMOND AN TZNNA Since resonant frequency could by changed depending on the vehicle type. Please cut the element after several test. Cut Length: the element, which is lower frequency than the desired Less than 1.5 0.6m 160g MP 1/4 Wave HC100: 134 to 174MHz with Cutting Chart. Length:0.19m / Weight:45g Gain:2.15dBi / Max.power rating:10W / Impedance:50ohms Type:1/4 wave C-Load. PAGE TOP. DIAMOND ANTENNA CORPORATIO

An efficient resonant antenna (1/4 wavelength or longer) produces a large-amplitude EM wave for a given feed power, and produces little heat. An inefficient antenna produces a small-amplitude EM wave for the same feed power, and converts most of the power into heat. Generally people don't think of radio-frequency radiation in terms of discret Electromagne2c' Wave'Polariza2on' • Electric'and'magne2c'waves'are'at' right'angles'to'each'other' • Magne2c'wave'dissipates'within'a' few'wavelengths'of'antenna. Random Wire Antenna Lengths. A so-called random wire antenna is an end fed antenna. As typically installed, it is a compromise antenna but great for portable use because it is easy to pack and easy to install. One end goes straight into the rig, often with no feedline, and the other end in the air attached to something as high as you can find Type:C-Load radialless gain whip (144MHz), 2x 5/8 wave C-Load phased element radialless gain whip (430MHz), 5 x 5/8 wave C-Load phased element radialless gain whip (1200MHz) AZ505N:Mobile antenna Length:0.47m / Weight:75 This antenna might even be a 3/8 wave antenna, but it is certainly longer than 1/4 wave. The Smiley Slim Duck is a true 1/4 wave base loaded antenna, and it is only 10 inches long. The coil at the base of the Antenex DTS150MX is even larger than the coil of the slim duck. Both antennas are compact though. So the Antenex DTS150MX and the Smiley.

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Type: 1/4 Wave Power: 200 Watts Base: NMO Makroblend Black Whip: W200B Black Height: 23 inches (59 cm) Comment: Order: #0000 Price: Not in stock NMOQ C Frequency: 136-512 MHz. Gain: 0 dBd Type: 1/4 Wave Power: 200 Watts Base: NMO Makroblend Black Whip: W200 Chrome Height: 23 inches (59 cm. Vertical antenna systems, losses, and efficiency. One of the simplest antennas to have, and to model, is the quarter-wave vertical. The radiator is about a quarter of a wavelength for the desired center frequency, and can be a wire, set or cage of wires, or a pole, typically made of aluminum I believe, the antenna length is determined by the frequency: Antenna length is a fractional value of the frequency (i.e. 1/4 wave, 1/2 wave etc.). True, but length is only one factor. The guage of the wire, its makeup (number of strands), and its insulation also affect its performance

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An antenna for 0 MHz will be approximately: DIPOLE = 0 Foot inf Inches in overall length and 0 Foot 0.0 Inches for one side. INVERT VEE = 0 Foot inf Inches in overall length and 0 Foot 0.0 Inches for one side. Remember to cut your antenna wire longer than shown here and then adjust the length to the desired frequency 1/4 Wavelength in inches 1/6 Wavelength in inches 1/10 Wavelength in inches 4/3 Wavelength in inches: For folks with only old tapes and rulers. λ 5/8 λ 1/2 λ 1/4 λ 1/6 λ 1/10 λ 4/3 λ (Hentenna circ. Cut to frequency, chart provided; Metal whip . QUANTITY. ADD TO BASKET . Colinear Gain Whip Antenna Non-Hinged 430-472MHz - UHF. ACUB-U . RRP 1/4 Wave rigid whip antenna; Black; Cut to frequency range 149-159 Mhz; Compatible with M8 style modular base; QUANTITY. ADD TO BASKET . Whip Antenna, Hinged, 3dB Gain, Black, Uncut


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A 1/4 wave whip over a vehicle body (serving as the counterpoise, or groundplane) is fairly close to that ideal match of 50 ohms, j0. If we cut 4 feet off the antenna (shorten it to 5 feet tall), the resistance drops and the reactance goes capacitive CommScope DB408-B 450-470 MHz Folded Dipole Antenna 8.7dBi Gain. Regular price $1,049.99 View. CommScope DB404-B 450-470 MHz Folded Dipole Antenna 5dBi Gain. Regular price $499.99 View. Retevis MA01 UHF Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna. Sold Out View. Andrew / Decibel Antenna Side Mount Kit. I plan to be using a long wire antenna with my QRP rig and antenna tuner, and I want to cut 1/4-wave counterpoise wires for each band I'll be operating on (I know the 40m counterpoise will work for 15m). Which would be better with this setup: to cut each counterpoise for the lowest frequency in its band, our to cut each counterpoise for th I plan on installing a vertical antenna soon. I expect it to cover from 80 meters to 10 (or perhaps 6). I plan on putting down 32 radials. I am wondering if 16 66' and 16 33' radials will be just as efficient for the higher bands as would having fewer radials separately cut for each band of interest. (Eg. 8 radials each for 80, 40, 20 & 10.

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The simplest idea of a groundplane antenna is that you take a quarter- -wave vertical and add four quarter-wave radials at the base. It is well known that the elements of a dipole will be a few percent shorter than o so λit is usually assumed that groundin a-plane antenna the vertical and the radial lengths will also be a few percent less than. To find the quarter wave, dividing 3.24 feet by 2 gives 1.62 feet for each leg. When mounting on a vehicle, a quarter wave antenna MUST be mounted on a metal base. A quarter wave antenna can be mounted on a fiberglass or plastic body vehicle with the coax connected to one end of the antenna, center lead to antenna, braid grounded, voltage fed.

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PCTEL Heavy Duty 118-940 MHz 1/4 Wave Antenna Bright Chrome (MAXMFT The Tricraft Products Co.'s antenna, developed in conjunction with the Belmont Radio Corp., uses 2 dipoles (see Fig. 15) to cover the 2 TV bands and also FM. It is matched by a 300-ohm line. A relatively thin dipole, (which is a half-wave long at 70 mc) is placed near a relatively thicker dipole cut to a half wave at 128 mc The overall best advantage of the aerial is that only a minimum ground is needed unlike the 1/4 wave version. Make for 160, 80, 40, or 20 meters with the appropriate single-band L-network. Patterns vary per band if actually cut for 160, then used also on 40 or 80. 40 is good off the ends; 80 is good broadsides and vertical at the same time. They are wrong! Physical length and ground wave performance are not the same. If you ever hear someone make that claim, ask them how a handheld CB can have a 1/4 wave antenna 8 inches long and mobile 1/4 wave antennas can be anywhere from 12-60 inches long in spite of the fact that a physical 1/4 wave is 108 inches Broadband 1/2-wave antenna - no ground plane needed Manufactured using the best corrosion-resistant materials and finishes available Triple-plated chrome brass with a large insert, molded low-loss coil form and spring-loaded gold-plated contact Rubber boot to ensure a moisture-proof installation/avoid scratching or rusting of the vehicl The Tram 1100 is a Quarter Wave 136-512 MHz radio antenna kit with a magnet mount and a 12 ft. cable with UHF Male (PL-259) connector

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