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The discography of AKB48 consists of 59 singles (57 major singles and 2 indie singles), 8 studio albums, and 32 stage albums (12 regular stage albums and 20 as Studio Recordings Collection).The major singles have title tracks that are sung by a selection of the AKB48 singers, some of whom are from AKB48's sister groups. Some of the singles are considered annual election singles, that is. Yes, Teacher Teacher managed to rack up an astounding 2,580,513 pre-sales. Some of that may be due to its blatantly suggestive title. AKB48 working with a K-pop choreographer for the video, their first time to do so with a non-Japanese dance director, also brought the song some advance buzz

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On June 22, Oricon reported that for the first half of 2011 AKB48 topped the album sales charts and had the best- and second-best-selling singles ( Everyday, Kachūsha and Sakura no Ki ni Narō ). The group amassed ¥ 6.66 billion in merchandise sales. On June 7, before its nationwide concert tour, AKB48 announced the creation of Team 4 Yes, Teacher Teacher managed to rack up an astounding 2,580,513 pre-sales.Some of that may be due to its blatantly suggestive title. AKB48 working with a K-pop choreographer for the video, their first time to do so with a non-Japanese dance director, also brought the song some advance buzz

The world of J-pop saw the 2010s begin a little early, on Oct. 21, 2009, to be precise. That's when AKB48 released its first chart-topping single, River.I'd like to argue that the J-pop. The total sales number of AKB48's 5th album Tsugi no Ashiato (went on sale on January 22) reached 1,001,000 copies when including the sales --1,351 copies-- from February 6. This marked their 2nd consecutive million-selling album AKB48, Early 2008. On New Years Day 2008, AKB48 released their first studio album, Set List: Greatest Songs 2006-2007.The compilation album included all of the group's singles up until Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?. Team K member Ohori Megumi (who was transferred to SDN48 in 2009) became the first member to have a solo cover on one of AKB48's CD releases. She appeared exclusively on the cover of the.

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Dec 10, 2015 Total sales of CDs with just one song by the Japanese all-girl pop group AKB48 have reached 36,158,000 copies, the most ever by a recording artist or group in Japan, music information.. AKB48 are celebrating their best-selling album to date after it was announced this week that their latest release Koko ni ita yo will debut at No. 1 in the Oricon rankings on June 20 after selling 602,000 copies in its first week. It is a record for the all-girl ban 50+ videos Play all Mix - Akb48 full album YouTube 【My Playlist】Best of AKB48 - Collection 2 - Duration: 1:11:37. Nyunyun48 Official 6,949 views. 1:11:37. JKT48. Their single Sugar Rush appeared in the 2012 film Wreck It Ralph. They won Artist of the Year at the 2013 Billboard Japan Music Awards. Then in 2017, their album sales surpassed 6 million AKB48 has consistently exceeded the million mark with their first-week sales: In reverse order from their previous release, Sustainable, which sold 1,628,184 copies, Jiwaru Days sold 1,404,936..

The 1,263,000 copies of Jiwaru Days also bring AKB48's total CD sales (for singles or albums) just past 60 million, at 60.04 million. That moves the idol unit from third to second for Japanese artists, as they've now climbed past any other female musician or band and only trail J-rock duo B'z SET LIST ~Greatest Songs 2006-2007~ is AKB48's first original album. It was released in two versions: a limited edition with a DVD and a regular edition. The regular edition included recordings of 20 members saying Aitakatta as bonus tracks. It reached #29 on the Oricon charts, charted for ten weeks and sold 27,879 copies AKB48 6th album Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!, which was released on January 21st. Sold 746,717 in it's first week of released to ranked number one, on the weekly oricon album charts. This album was released in 4 editions including the Theater edition. I bought 2 edition, Regular Edition Type A & Type B, thei

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  2. On the first day of sales, the album sold 540,913 copies and topped Oricon's daily album charts. The album was released in three types namely Type A [CD + DVD], Type B [CD] and Theater Edition [CD] consisting of a collection of songs contained in AKB48's 47th single 'Shoot Sign [シ ュ ー ト サ イ ン]' up to the latest single '11gatsu no.
  3. Jun 7, 2015 - AKB48 6th album Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe!, which was released on January 21st. Sold 746,717 in it's first week of released to ranked number one, on the weekly oricon album charts. This album was released in 4 editions including the Theater edition. I bought 2 edition, Regular Edition Type A & Type B, thei

Yui Yokoyama, AKB48: In terms of metrics, the album finished No. 1 in digital sales, No. 3 in physical sales and No. 4 in look-ups. On her chart win, Hikaru commented, This was the first. Because it was 2nd in downloads and 3rd in desktop lookups. But another thing both of these albums had over albums that sold more physically is that they had much more longevity, staying at #1 and/or in the top 10 for longer periods of time. Top Single Sales. 1. AKB48 - Tsubasa wa Iranai. 2. AKB48 - Kimi wa Melody. 3. AKB48 - High Tension. 4 AKB48's latest original album 'Tsugi no Ashiato' (went on sale on January 22) sold 962,000 copies in the first week, topping Oricon's weekly ranking. This is the first time in 5 years and 2 months for an album to sell over 900,000 copies during the first week since EXILE's best-of album EXILE BALLAD BEST accomplished it by selling 944,000 copies

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  1. AKB48 There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 songs by AKB48 or by groups directly related to AKB48 and in the RYM database, there are 21 albums, 2 compilations, and 31 single entries for AKB48 alone. Of course, with the extensive Related Artists section and solo profiles, the releases are nearly infinite, making it difficult to follow
  2. AKB48 and sister groups boost their record sales by a variety of marketing strategies. The main track for each single is recorded by a team of a selection called Senbatsu with popular.
  3. g the fifth single by a female group to cross that mark
  4. Unlike the 140-piece female J-pop group AKB48, Arashi is a more traditional, five-member unit. Arashi has been around since 1999, though they faced declining sales after their debut single in 2001. In 2009, Arashi came back in a big way, topping the 2009 Oricon singles, album, and music DVD yearly charts
  5. According to AKB48's official blog, member, Kayoko Takita (23) has just tested positive for COVID-19 on July 19. | @wtnbmtys/Twitter Just 10 days earlier on the 9th, Kayoko Takita reportedly had a fever, which is one of the most common symptoms of the virus

According to ORICON NEWS, AKB48's latest single Jiwaru DAYS has sold 1,263,000 copies (approximately) during its first week of sales. The single does not just top ORION single chart, but also marks another milestone in AKB48 history: AKB48's total CD sales have surpassed 60 million copies, and the idol group becomes the 2nd best selling Japanese artist of all time, after J-Rock band B'z Reported by SoundScan Japan, it is revealed the total sales for March 16-17, 2020, for AKB48's 57th single, Shitsuren, Arigatou, has sold 1,397,201 copies and topped Million

Kojima Haruna: 小嶋陽: 6 / 18--A--18 / 18: ①: A--18 / 18: ②: A--18 / 18: ②: A--21 / 21: ②: A--21 / 21: ②: A--18 / 18: ②: A--18 / 18: ②: A--18 / 18. AKB48 8th album first day sold 565k copies AKB48 8th album Thumbnail is released on 25 January 2017, first day sold 565,840 copies and ranked 1st place on ORICON Daily Chart (Album). Original sources: ORICON NEW This page will not be updated very often as the group has a much more complete and updated page in a separate wiki. For more info go to AKB48's page on AKB48 Wiki. AKB48 (Akihabara48) is a Japanese all-female idol group based in Akihabara, Tokyo, where they have their own theater in Don Quixote. The group, established in 2005, is produced by Akimoto Yasushi and signed under King Records.

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  1. AKB48 sold at least 58 million on the decade, more than that on physicals only, and possibly much more when all is accounted. 52 million sales from maxi singles, and 6 million albums, that alone would already result in 32 million units, no
  2. This achievement makes the second girl group AKB48 defined as capable of putting 7 singles at once in the list of best-selling albums in the first week of sales. The first Girls Band record is Pink Lady in 1978. AKB48 and Serial Anime AKB48 and Serial Anime They AKB0048. Popular idol group AKB48 will get their first anime series next spring
  3. AKB48 (A.K.B. Forty-eight) er ein japanskur gentubólkur. Poppbólkurin AKB48 varð samansettur eftir eini audition í 2005. Til mai 2013 AKB48 hevur selt yvir 21.852 milliónir CD fløgur og stakfløgur (album og single) í Japan
  4. AKB48 listed 18 other girls on the team in April as K. AKB48 formation was completed in December with 13 new members joined as team B. The girls released their second compilation album, Kamikyoku Tachi, in April that do well with more than 410,000 copies sold
  5. In exactly 1 week, Maeda Atsuko 's graduation show will be held at the AKB48 Theater.Starting at 18:00JST on August 27th.After 6 and a half years in the group, she will finally move on from AKB48. As expected of the graduation of AKB48's ace, a staggering 229,096 ticket applications have been sent in for Acchan 's last show in AKB48. Unfortunately the AKB48 Theater can only accommodate 250.

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One of the members is a former member of the AKB48 idol group, Takahashi Juri. They released their debut album titled Pink Punch and Bim Bam Bum's first single. But did you know, apparently the sales numbers of Rocket Punch's Pink Punch album are the lowest for the girl group that just debuted, it is the new record in the last decade AKB48 muncul dengan album single pertama mereka, Sakura no Hanabiratachi pada Februari 2006 yang mencatat tangga #10 dalam carta Oricon dan 22,011 unit telah dijual dalam minggu pertama - sesuatu yang amat mengejutkan bagi satu kumpulan di bawah label bebas 1st Album TV CM 2017.7.19 ON SALE by akb48daily For reference: Nogizaka46 3rd Album first day sold 263,087 copies (2017.05.24) SKE48 2nd Album first day sold 36,231 copies (2017.02.22) AKB48 7th Album first day sold 565,298 copies (2015.11.18) NMB48 2nd Album first day sold 228,151 copies (2014.08.23) Order Keyakizaka46 1st Album on CDJapan

Since the latter half of 1990, the band has amassed an unprecedented series of consecutive number one singles and albums. With over 80,000,000 records sold, they remain Japan's top-selling music act of all time and hold more records than any other artist. ↑ JapanTimes - Total sales of AKB48 singles hit 36 million copies, a Japan record,. Kara's total sales record from 2011 was 4.9 billion yen ($62.9 million USD), ranking right behind some of Japan's most popular artists such as AKB48 ($208 million USD), ARASHI ($196.5 million USD),..

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  1. AKB48 | Item List | CD Album | HMV&BOOKS online is a world class entertainment website which provides CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Games and Goods, Books, Comics and Magazines. Ponta Point available for both sites! Special campaigns and limited novelty with multiple payment & delivery options for our customer's satisfaction
  2. AKB48 (tiếng Nhật: エーケービー フォーティーエイト, chuyển tự Ēkēbī Fōtīeito, tiếng Anh: A.K.B. Forty-Eight) là một nhóm nhạc thần tượng nữ nổi tiếng nhất Nhật Bản, được thành lập bởi Akimoto Yasushi năm 2005, thường được mô tả như là một hiện tượng xã hội.Hiện nay, nhóm có khoảng 600 thành viên ở.
  3. Shōjotachi yo, the theme song for AKB48's movie Documentary of AKB48 to be continued, would also be on the album. On the title track AKB48 would be joined by the sister groups SKE48, SDN48, and NMB48. Due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the album's release date was pushed back to June 8, 2011
  4. Now we will analyze a song that some fans of AKB48 may not be aware of and that song is called First Rabbit. First Rabbit is actually a song off of the 2 nd AKB48 studio album called 1830m. First Rabbit is a song that is about being confident and brave enough to go for your biggest dreams even if you will get hurt along the way
  5. Perfume hit record set by AKB48 on Japan album charts The album arrived at the top spot on Oricon's album charts with over 97K sales and they were also No.1 on Oricon's digital charts with.
  6. 日本熱門專輯榜(Japan Hot Albums) 統計來源:CD銷售量、數位下載量、搜索量. 最佳專輯銷售榜(Top Albums Sales) 統計來源:CD銷售量. 下載專輯榜(Download Albums) 統計來源:數位下載量 音樂人. 百大歌手榜(Artist 100) 百大熱門作曲人榜(Hot 100 Composers
  7. AKB48 is a Japanese female idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. The pop group has achieved enormous popularity in Japan. It is also one of the highest-earning musical acts in the world, with 2011 record sales of over $200 million in Japan alone.[1] Its twelve latest consecutive singles topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart

Gintama Wins Gold Disc Award for Most Anime Album Sales (Jan 29, 2012) Live-Action Doraemon Ad with AKB48's Atsuko Maeda, Jean Reno Posted (Jan 26, 2012) K-ON Is 5th in Japan Academy Prize's. AKB48 is a Japanese idol group based in Akihabara, Tokyo, where they have their own theater in Don Quixote. The group, established in 2005, is produced by Akimoto Yasushi and is signed under King Records, originally from DefSTAR RECORDS/Sony Music Japan

akb48の関連作品(エーケービーフォーティーエイトのかんれんさくひん)は、akb48による作品のデータ記事である。 また一部派生ユニット、akb48グループ名義の作品も記載する。 本項における「最高位」の記述はオリコン週間チャート最高位であ AKB48 also has Kennin Members, members from sister groups who have a concurrent position in AKB48. However, after the AKB48 Team Shuffle 2017, no sister group members hold Kennin positions on AKB48. Instead, all members of Team 8 are Kennin members, being members of two teams on the same grou The album is also Arashi's seventh album to top the end-of-year charts. AKB48 had the best-selling single of the year with Sustainable, topping the chart for the 10th consecutive year Minami Takahashi, who graduated from AKB48 in April 2016, returns with the solo debut album Aishitemo Iidesuka? (lit. Can I Love You?) out on October 12

Sales: Total Reported Sales: 55,308* Total Sales in 2006: 25,544. Total Sales in 2010: 8,280. Total Sales in 2011: 20,110. Total of weeks charting inside Top 200: 65. V. Trivia: Aitakatta is one of the most well-known and recognizable AKB48 songs. This was the first single to include the Team K members SKE48 Idols' Unit Coming Flavor Announce 1st Album. SKE48 finally update profile pic. Hinatazaka46 update profile pic. AKB48 Team TP Sin Tik-kei appointed FamilyMart goodwill ambassador Thursday, 29 April 2021 15:17 48G's IZ*ONE girls return home Wednesday, 28 April 2021 16:36. AKB48 je japonská idolová dívčí kapela, která byla založena v roce 2005 textařem a hudebním producentem Jasušim Akimotem. Pojmenována byla po Tokijské čtvrti Akihabara (zkráceně Akiba), kde pravidelně vystupuje ve svém vlastním divadle.. Byla zanesena v Guinnessovu knihu rekordů jako největší popová skupina na světě. Dnes se skládá ze 4 týmů: Team A, Team K. IZ*ONE (Korean: 아이즈원; Japanese: アイズワン; pronounced as eyes one) was a 12-member project girl group under Off The Record Entertainment and Swing Entertainment. Formed through Mnet's competition reality show Produce 48, they officially debuted on October 29, 2018 with their first mini album COLOR*IZ. They were active for two and a half years on a special contract before. I. Introduction: Sakura no Hanabiratachi, (桜の花びらたち, Cherry Blossom Petals) is AKB48's debut single. For the selection of this single, Akimoto Yasushi (AKB48's producer) asked the first fans who went regularly to the AKB48 Theater which song they liked the most (both songs in this single (as well as the songs in Skirt, Hirari) are originally A1 songs) and apparently, Sakura no.

29 May 2019 - YouTube links for B-side music videos taken down; added Oricon on first-day sales and pre-release week digital sales. 30 May 2019 - Added Oricon Day 2 sales numbers. 31 May 2019 - Added Oricon Day 3 sales numbers. 1 June 2019 - Added Oricon Day 4 sales numbers. 2 June 2019 - Added Oricon Day 5 sales number Shop our newest and most popular AKB48 sheet music such as Sugar Rush, or click the button above to browse all AKB48 sheet music. Download our free apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and interact with your sheet music anywhere with in-app transposition, text & highlighter markup and adjustable audio/video playback ベストは 61万枚 をセールスしており、 Billboard JAPAN Top Albums Sales の年間チャートでは集計割れを起こしたものの 2015年28位→2016年58位 と推移した。 2016年- AKB48の配信ダウンロード数認定は、2015年12月発売の「365日の紙飛行機」が最後となっている Sponsored Links An unexpected surprise will be included in the 8th album from AKB48 Thumbnail (release date: January 25)! Rino Sashihara (HKT48) will be collaborating with Morning Musume.'17 to form the unit Sashining Musume for the song Get you

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AKB48 8th Album「サムネイル」特設サイト Billboard JAPANアルバム・セールス・チャート「Billboard Japan Top Albums Sales」第1位(2017年2月6. Singles Sales Information. Italicized week number indicates that the single/album is currently charting on Oricon. Number with parentheses indicate the single/album's ranking if sales were not recorded. AKB48 AKB48 (en: A.K.B. Forty-eight) ass eng japanesch Girlgroup.D'Band gouf 2005 vum bekannten TV-Produzent a Songtextschreiber Yasushi Akimoto gegrënnt.. Bis Enn Mee 2013 huet AKB48 21.852.000 CDen (Singlen an Albumen) verkaaft. Bis November 2013 huet AKB48 zwanzeg Hits op der éischter Plaz an de japanesche Single-Charts AKB48 - Manatsu no sounds good! Sales: 35,540 #5. NMB48 - Nagiichi Sales: 23,279 #6. Not Yet - Suika Baby Sales: 16,833 #7. Shonan Nokaze - Entenka NEW Sales: 15,572 (Kurhyou 2 video game theme song) #8. SEKAI NO OWARI - Nemurihime Sales: 8,514 #9. BOOM BOOM.

Nilabas ng AKB48 ang kanilang pang 21 na single album na Everyday, Kachūsha noong 25 Mayo 2011. Copies sold for a single, Total sales for a single, Total sales by an artist (for singles), Copies sold for a music Blu-ray disc, Total sales for a music Blu-ray disc and Total sales by an artist (for Blu-rays discs).. AKB48 Sales 2,580,513 Copies Of 'Teacher Teacher' On First Day Billboard Japan counted that AKB48 sold 2,580,513 copies of their 52nd singl.. SKE48 is a Japanese idol group based in Sakae, Nagoya, where they have their own theater in Sunshine Sakae. The group, established in 2008, is the first AKB48 sister group. It is produced by Akimoto Yasushi and signed under avex trax, originally from Nippon Crown records.Currently the group consists of three teams: Team S, Team KII and Team E.In addition, the group also has trainees called. AKB48 Akimoto sayaka Album arif ATSUSHI bencana biasa caur cinta curhat diary Each other's way emosi english English translation Esperanza evolution EXILE first galau Happiness Haraguchi Genki harapan iseng isi pensil I wish for you izumi japanese music jayus jiwa jpop JSB kalafina LDH life Love LOVE SONG lyric macross Manga matsuoka. Albums Chart; 2008 1 Set List ~Greatest Songs 2006-2007~ (ιαπ. AKB48 10nen Zakura Hot 100 Single Sales of the Year Everyday, Katyusha Νίκη 2012 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Asian Artist Japan Uza Νίκη Billboard Japan Music Awards

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Black Mamba Black Mamba is the debut digital single by aespa. It was released on November 17, 2020. Artist: aespa Released: November 17, 2020 Formats: Download, streaming Recorded: 2020 Genre: Pop Length: 2:54 Label: SM Entertainment Distributor: Dreamus Writer: Yoo Young Jin Composers: Omega, Ella Isaacson, Gabriela Geneva, Jordan Reyes, Shaun Lopez, Scott Chesak, Yoo Young [ Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for 「GIRLS GOTTA LIVE」 Available on August 23.Spotify:http://open.spotify.com/album/3vM4oRqdOmmPyXcXCTL7M9Apple Music:https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1474791.. AKB48. AKB48 (read A.K.B. Forty-eight) is a Japanese girl group. It has achieved such popularity in Japan that it has been characterized as a social phenomenon. The group has 91 members, ranging in age from early teens to mid-20s Rhapsody is now Napster. Same digital music service. 100% legal. Stream the music you want and download your favorite songs to listen offline

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In Japan, there were many who felt that leaving HKT48, let alone AKB48 during the height of her popularity in Japan was probably not a good idea but considering that IZ*ONE is one of the top selling female groups of all time and as of 2020, currently had the largest selling album in Korea with ONEIRIC DIARY and also have had great sales. B Archived from the original on July 22, 2011. List of singles, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name. The major singles have title tracks that are sung by a selection of the AKB48 singers, some of whom are from AKB48's sister groups Iz*One (/ ˈ aɪ z w ʌ n / EYEZ-wun; Korean: 아이즈원, romanized: Aijeuwon; Japanese: アイズワン, romanized: Aizuwan; stylized as IZ*ONE) was a South Korean-Japanese girl group formed through the Mnet reality competition show Produce 48.The group was composed of twelve members: Jang Won-young, Sakura Miyawaki, Jo Yu-ri, Choi Ye-na, An Yu-jin, Nako Yabuki, Kwon Eun-bi, Kang Hye-won. Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46, Nogizaka Forty-six) is a Japanese female idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto, created as the official rival (公式ライバル, kōshiki raibaru) of the group AKB48.They are the first group from the Sakamichi Series, which also includes sister groups Sakurazaka46 (formerly Keyakizaka46), Yoshimotozaka46, and Hinatazaka46.. The group's musical catalogue includes.

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