If I delete a post on Facebook group will they know

Admins and moderators can remove posts from their Facebook group. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. People You May Know. Control Who Can Friend and Follow You. Upload Your Contacts to Facebook. Group Management for Admins. Join and Interact with Groups. Resources for Page Admins. Fix a Problem When a user deletes something, Facebook is able to ensure users will not see the deleted post, but that doesn't mean Facebook destroys all traces of that post completely, or that Facebook cannot retrieve it

Admins and Moderators im a group admin i have received notification that admin can see deleted post in a group...now i want to know how i can see this. Asked about 2 years ago by Khuram 26 Votes · 11 Followers · Seen by 39 Learn how to delete posts and comments from a Facebook group If someone is posting abusive messages in a Facebook Group you manage, you'll want to remove it. It's quick and simple to do, so here's how. Click the downward facing arrow next to the offensive message. From the dropdown, select Delete Post. Facebook will ask you to confirm so click Delete again. And that's it, the offending post is gone

How do I remove posts in a Facebook group I admin

Leaving a Group will not notify the other members Only the creator of the group and anyone they make an admin has the power to invite someone to a Group You can create events, upload pictures/video and share files within a Group Groups can be deleted by removing all the member You can remove stories that you and your friends post on your Facebook timeline Go to a comment you posted. This can be a comment on one of your own posts or a comment you left on someone else's post. To go to your own page, tap ☰ in the bottom-right or top-right corner of the screen, then tap your name in the pop-up menu.; You can also delete a comment someone else left on one of your posts, but you cannot delete someone else's comments on other people's posts Other than the user who published the comment or a post, admins and moderators can delete them from the group. If they feel something violates the group rules, they can remove the content without. Difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page You might be wondering why you need a group since Fan pages already exist. Pay attention to the next section to discover how useful a Facebook group can be and the main differences with a Fan Page. Facebook groups ownership. Any user can create and manage multiple Facebook groups

Bulk Delete Posts Using Facebook in a Web Browser . The first step to deleting your old Facebook posts is to select the posts you no longer want (up to 50 at a time). There are a couple of ways to do that, including filtering posts if you want to delete something specific Yes, once you delete your account, everything associated with your account will be deleted (your name, posts, likes, comments, game scores etc.). Deactivating account temporarily removed everything associated with your account, but your name will alwasy there in your friends's friend list without hyperlink until they didn't remove it Admins and moderators, while declining pending posts, deleting a comment from the group or before muting a member will be able to point out rule which was broken by that specific member. In addition, admin and moderators will be able to add notes to the group's activity log to describe more about why they took that action How to delete your Facebook group. This is a time-consuming process if you have a lot of members. Only the group creator can delete a Facebook group unless they have left the group. Click on the members' tab. Click the three dots next to each member in turn. Select Remove from Group one at a time until all members are gone Unfortunately, my only association with that group is two (very, very) embarrassing posts and I'm trying to delete them. Question. Is there any way to delete own post from an open group of which I'm not a member anymore? (Using Facebook UI, Graph API, a contact form, anything, any method

What happens when you delete a post from Facebook

  1. You deleted that photo from your Facebook account so it will no longer show up in any of the shares other users have created. But that alone is no guarantee that it's truly gone from Facebook - or even the Internet at large. Bonus tip #1: This post explains why there really is no such thing as privacy on Facebook
  2. Facebook executives say they want users to understand how company policies are applied to their Facebook posts. The company is also looking for feedback from Facebook users on the policies
  3. s and moderators can schedule posts to appear at popular times to ensure they reach the most members possible. In the Write Post box in your Facebook group, create a post and click the clock icon next to the Post button to schedule it for a.
  4. s delete a Facebook group? If the founder leaves the group, only then ad

How i can see the deleted post in a group being - Faceboo

The real issue is that the page is still tied to the person's Facebook account regardless of whether they administer the page or not. Thus, if they delete their Facebook page [profile] for any reason, the page will forever be gone. I know the short-term answer, but I want to know the long-term answer. So, here's what I did - step by step A member I want to delete from a Facebook Group is not showing up on the members list. And he keeps taunting and abusing the group asking us Admins to remove him, which we can't because he is not showing up on the member list. And it seems like he is adding more vicious members to the group now and they are abusing members Group - These virtual spaces on Facebook are intended to bring people together of common interests. They also act as spaces for existing friends or members of a common community to come together and communicate. Members of a group can post to the group, regardless of who created it Facebook notifies if you're tagged in a post or comment too. The post will appear in your timeline for you to review if you have it set up. Does Facebook notify if I remove a tag

If you used Manage Activity to delete a post: Go to profile page > More > Activity Log > Trash.Tap a post to recover it and tap Restore.; To cancel your Facebook account deletion: Log in to your account within 30 days and select Cancel Deletion.; If it was a shared post created by someone else: Try to track down the original content or check your email for Facebook notifications Facebook will give you a couple of options on whether you want to also delete their previous comments or decline members they've invited. Also, if you don't want the person to be able to rejoin or see the group, select Block. To continue, click Confirm and the comment will be deleted and the person removed One of the biggest things that causes Facebook to remove content and suspend users is hateful content. Whether this is racism, sexism, or anti-religious rhetoric (as seen in this four year old comment), if it is hateful, it is a violation of Facebook's policies. Again, they are perfectly in the right to remove that content as they see fit

Despite that, deleting a post from your Timeline seems mercifully easy: You just click the little icon in the upper right corner of a given post and then click Delete. Boom, done. Boom, done Now you can delete old Facebook posts without deleting Facebook June 12, 2020 at 10:20 pm Updated June 12, 2020 at 11:47 pm The Facebook website is displayed on a Macbook Air laptop Delete them with joy. If you mark a post on Facebook as Public, everyone can see and share it. (they won't know they've been muted). You'll still be friends but you won't see their posts.

How do I delete posts and comments from a Facebook group

Facebook Security has posted an explanation. Some people are total assholes on Facebook. They're bullies who post things that are racist, sexist, and otherwise offensive For instance, if they comment or post in a common group, it will be visible to you. If they comment on your posts, you are notified about it, and the comment is visible to you. That brings us to. ** FGD = Facebook Group Dick. 7. THE THIEF IN THE NIGHT. I know. I'm going to go into group A and ask a question. When the admin or the members have generously answered my question, I'm going to take their answer and post it somewhere else as a #BUSINESSTIP of the week. I see you idea stealer. I am watching Even though I deleted the messages and the other people hadn't seen them yet, they were still appearing on the chat for the one friend that had seen it. He then reported that individual message as spam under the option: Delete a Facebook group. 2. The Input Process and Output of Facebook Events in different contexts? 2. Group conversation. Group content, therefore, has significantly better organic reach than standard Pages, which have a reach of about 5.20% if they're high-performing.You can post the exact same content in both places, and you're practically guaranteed to see significantly higher reach and engagement on group posts

If you report a post or comment as spam to Facebook, Facebook will review the comment or post and determine if it violates one of their rules. If so, they will remove it. You will receive a notification in your messages and in your security center when Facebook takes action or declines to take action Facebook is rolling out a new Activity Log feature for its iPhone and Android apps that lets you delete old posts, likes and comments that you may have long forgotten about.. It's really useful if. Why Did Facebook Remove Your Post? This Doc Might Help. Meanwhile, the social network is also, for the first time, now giving users the right to appeal its decisions on individual posts

Blocking someone on Facebook won't automatically delete the old messages on Messenger. However, you won't be able to interact further except in common group conversations as mentioned above If you're in a Facebook group and create a thread/post asking a question or sharing information helpful to that group's members. Then, in true FBG form, some members repeatedly go completely off topic, littering the thread with unrelated clutter that dilutes its original intent and value

A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let Facebook know that one of the people in the picture is another Facebook user. Their name is then added to the post as [Your Name] was with [Their Name]. They, too, receive a notification that they've been tagged Every Facebook Messenger user controls his/her own inbox and the messages that are contained within it. That means you cannot remotely remove a message from someone else's inbox, even if you're the person who sent the message to them in the first place. I know that seems a bit unfair, but that's the way Facebook works To delete a comment on Facebook, simply hover your mouse over the comment you want to erase for good. C lick the button. Once you click the button, click Delete and your comment will be.

How to Remove a Post from a Facebook Grou

  1. There's no way they can know you've done that! But if that's not enough, you can Delete the comment, Report the comment if it's hate speech, threatening, spam or similar, or even Ban the user, which kicks them out of the page and won't let them sign up to be part of that community again
  2. Facebook Take a Break vs Unfollow and Unfriend: How Do They Differ Find the difference between # Facebook 's Unfriend, Unfollow, and Take a break feature in this post. Figure out the usage to.
  3. The other is for log data -- a record of what a user does, such as when they log in, click on a Facebook group or post a comment. When you delete your account, all the user generated content is.
  4. What Happens When You Hide Comments on Your Posts/Page. There are two scenarios. The first one is where you posted a status update, and someone commented on it
  5. If somebody on Facebook is getting to you, you can unfriend them, block them, snooze them (so you won't see anything from them for 30 days), or hide their posts. Here's how

Turns out deleting Facebook posts doesn't quite mean

  1. However, as Facebook's FAQ notes: The app or game may have stored info from when you were using it, but you can contact the developer to ask that they delete any info they may still have
  2. s also have the ability to remove members if needed, and promote or demote any other person in the group chat as an ad
  3. Facebook will offer you a range of possible actions. To place a report, select Submit to Facebook for Review. On mobile, the process is similar. Visit the group. If you are a member tap Info and then Report Group. If you ware not a member, tap View Group Info and then Report Group. RELATED: How to Report a Facebook Post
  4. Update: If you choose to permanently delete your Facebook profile, the same thing happens plus all your data from facebook servers will be erased permanently, so there's no way you can regain access to your account as well as the data associated with it. If you want you can download all your data from Facebook before deleting the account
  5. Facebook Users Can Deactivate or Permanently Delete Accounts He also wrote that if you start typing in delete into the Google search box, the first suggested topic is delete facebook account
  6. A tag is a special kind of Facebook link. You can tag people, photos, places and pages in anything you post on Facebook. And it's a two-way street − anyone can tag you in photos and other information they post on Facebook. Anyone clicking on a tag has a direct link to the tagged person's timeline. Creating a tag is easy
  7. ated the person's account

For example, rooms you create through a Facebook Group are open by default to members of that Group. Locking: Rooms can be locked or unlocked once a call begins. If a room is locked, no one else can join, except a Group admin for rooms created through a Group. Removing a participant: The room creator can remove any unwanted participants. If the. You and I know that neither of those two things happened in your case, but Facebook has no way of knowing that for sure. It's a simple matter of your word against hers. This is why it's ALWAYS a bad idea to grant another user admin rights to a Facebook group that you created and own. It's always best to make them a moderator instead

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The removed message will be replaced by text alerting everyone in the conversation the message was removed. You will have up to 10 minutes to remove a message after it is sent. If you want to remove a message just for yourself, you can still do that anytime by selecting Remove for You For users who want to delete all history of their Facebook days but who still want a record of everything they've done on the site, Facebook has developed an easy way to download that information In fact, a Facebook Page cannot even tag you in anything unless you have first commented on something they have posted, and then, they can only tag you on that post, to do something such as say. If they didn't have Facebook open when you liked the post, they won't receive the notification at all if you unlike it before they open Facebook on their device. I know this sounds pretty confusing, but that's just because I couldn't think of a less clumsy way to explain it. Sorry about that! Bottom line: If the person whose post you.

If you leave a Facebook group are your posts deleted from

i used to sell on ebay for a few years and made good money from itnow the fees are so high that you cant make a profit if your just a regular person buying n sellingyou have to be a business or have plenty of merchandisesince i started selling on marketplaceive seen a great increase in my sales and return customersso now i do the online auctions and have a good bit of clientele that. Click your group's name. You'll usually find it near the top of the left-hand column of options in the News Feed. If you can't find your group, click in the top-right corner, click New Groups, click the Groups tab in the top-left corner, and click your group's name under the Groups You Manage heading To remove a Facebook friend from your Restricted list, open their profile page in a web browser or within an official Facebook app. Click on the Friends icon on their profile. From the new menu that's popped up, click on Edit Friend Lists or Add to another list Back in the good old days, people kept their dairy personal, today, Facebook is the only book they read and it is probably their dairy too. Related 2021 Article 30 Sarcastic Anti-Selfie Quotes For Facebook And Instagram Friends. Undeniably, some of the quotes regarding our Facebook social behavior are true Only an admin can remove or block a member from the Facebook group

Hiding Facebook comments via the Facebook app To get started, tap Comment on the post to show you all the comments posted in reaction to it. Long press the comment you want to hide to pull. Facebook has introduced a new Facebook mute conversation button on Facebook Messenger.When using the social media platform, you may not want to be distracted by beeps and notifications from people messaging you on Facebook.The most common reason that someone would delete and specifically mute a Facebook Messenger chat would be due to group chats If you are finally ready to quit Facebook once and for all, you should take your data -- all your posts and messages, photos and videos, friends and groups and so on -- with you before you go.

People can contact you on Telegram if they know your phone number or if you message them first. If they don't know your phone number, they can find you in these cases: When you both are members of the same group. If you set a public username. Others can use Global Search and find you by your username Java - Disable OPTIONS Method Jetty Server - Stack Overflow And As It Indicates, The Webdefault.xml File It Refers To C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\jetty\etc Folder. But I Have Not Tried It. They Are Complaining About Methods Like 'OPTIONS / HTTP/1.0' Are Showing That All The Methods (GET,POST,PUT,DELETE,TRACE,OPTIONS) Are Allowed They went on with their demands but I got on the freeway pointed home. When they realized I wasn't going to take them to have lunch with someone famous, they got really quiet. I felt bad so I pulled off where I knew they could get Pinkberry. They were super excited but afterward went on about how overpriced it was

On Facebook, if you post in a group that requires an admin

  1. Follow this guide to remove Facebook page from the group. If you have unlinked Facebook group from the page and still seeing that page as a profile which can post to the group then you can follow this guide to remove Facebook page from the toggle menu while posting in a group. Hence stopping the Facebook page from posting in the group
  2. istrate a Group, you may have already received posts auto-reported by Facebook, with the option to publish the post or delete it, as well as the option to block the group member.
  3. You can remove posts shared from your Facebook Page by deleting them. Deleting a post will permanently remove it from your Page, including your Page's activity log. To delete a post from your Page: Go to the post on your Page's timeline. Click in the top-right corner
  4. Facebook lists your communications, including deleted Wall posts, by title and date. You also have the option to type a name in the Search Messages field at the top. If you don't see your desired post, it means your Facebook Settings to recover deleted posts is not enabled
  5. If you delete a batch of posts, it will be gone for good; if you archive it, you'll still be able to access it, but no one else will

For example, some content is so bad that posting it just once means we would remove the account immediately. In the case of other violations, we may warn someone the first time they break our Community Standards. If they continue, we may temporarily block their account, which restricts their ability to post on Facebook, or remove it all together A post from last May titled Limit your participation in Facebook social ads described the social-ad opt-out options in Facebook's privacy settings. Here are the steps in a nutshell: Here are the.

[ANSWERED] How Do I Leave A Facebook Group And Will The

Facebook doesn't notify anyone when they've been unfriended, so generally speaking, everyone you unfriend won't know you've removed them from your friends list. That is, of course, until your.. When they post, you'll get the same type of notification as when someone likes or comments on your posts - the red numbers at the top (desktop) or bottom (mobile) on the bell icon. To get notified when a friend posts on Facebook, hover the Friends button and click on Get Notifications Scroll to one of your posts in the group and select your name. Click Manage Badges. Choose which badges you'd like to appear on your group posts and comments Click Save. As an admin, you can also turn badges off or on for the entire group as well! Here's how: From your news feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group

Step 4: Click Remove Block next to the person's name. The member you have removed from the block list have to request again to join the group if they wish to rejoin. Blocked members won't be able to find the group in search or see any of its content, and they can't be invited to the group again by members. About Facebook Allowing people to remove their posts and comments from a Facebook Group after they leave the group. Combatting impersonations by bringing the Verified Badge from Facebook into Messenger. Launching Messaging Settings and an Updated Block feature on Messenger for greater control In short, they effectively disappear from Facebook, as far as you know. So if you don't see them in your Friends' list but can still see them on the site, you haven't been blocked, you've.

How to Delete a Post on Facebook, or Hide Posts by Other

  1. If you deactivate Facebook, according to the site, you can reactivate whenever you want. Facebook keeps all of its data on you, which allows you to reactivate it and return to your digital status..
  2. Deleting a post or comment removes the content permanently, though there is an option to bring comments back. When hovering over the top-right hand x of a comment, click Hide then Delete. Now..
  3. d that if people see a group post or message, it doesn't always mean.
  4. Despite the measures I took to delete my data—my likes, comments, and posts—it turns out my messaging history is still floating around, somewhere on Facebook's servers. I only know this.

You can then remove the tag (click the drop-down arrow on the left of the post or photo and then click on the the Remove Tag button at the top of the page) or simply click Hide so they don't. Know what you're posting about and keep it civil. The only reason I would delete someone is if they trolled my posts with negative opinions, said one poster on my Facebook wall in. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that its standalone messaging app Messenger hit 1.2 billion users. Messenger started out as Facebook Chat in 2008 and then it was released as a standalone app. This week, dozens of users reported that Facebook had ushered in this unthinkable scenario by removing their ability to delete posts, Venturebeat reported.The rumors appeared to have a basis in.

If I remove someone from Facebook group, will they be

If you want to delete a certain post, you'll need to click the pencil icon on the right side of the post. There will be a few options depending on the post. To delete, click Delete. There are. By 2014, Facebook was host to over 640 million groups, and, while they had ways to generate revenue from almost everything we do when we log onto Facebook, groups had grown into a major part of.

How to Post on Facebook So Only a Certain Group Can See. When you post updates to Facebook, you want the entire world to view them to increase your company's visibility. However, you may want to restrict viewing of certain posts on your Timeline to specific groups, or lists, such as long-time clients, vendors or. The backlash prompted a campaign encouraging people to delete their Facebook accounts. The Pew Research Center found that 42 percent of Americans have taken a break from the social network at some. Temporarily deactivating your Facebook account would deny you access to using Facebook for Oculus products and purchases. Your information—profile, posts, videos—will be very much intact and not deleted. What Happens When You Delete Your Facebook Account. There are a couple of things that happen when you delete your Facebook account.

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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Group

I know you know what I'm talking about. Everyone has one, that Facebook friend who will not stop with the constant stream of Facebook status updates. Maybe you accepted a friend request from a. Facebook group owners can delete a group by first removing all members. Once the owner is the only person in a group, then they will have the option to delete it. Group admins can archive a group. How Facebook censors your posts (FAQ) High-profile videos involving the police and the black community have put a spotlight on the mess that is Facebook's censorship policies

Delete Group Chat on Facebook Messenger. If you are the creator or an admin of a Messenger group chat, you can delete the group chat by following these steps: 1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app. 2. Under the Search box, tap the Groups tab. It's in line with the Message, Active, and Calls tab. 3. Select the Group you want to delete. Remember. By default, any member can post anything they want in your Facebook Groups. This means they could post horribly offensive content, and while you can remove it, it might be a while before you get to it.. If you want to play it safe, you can set your group so that every comment has to be approved by a moderator I read about this on two different sites yesterday, and even though I'm not a huge Facebook fan, it rocked my world that this could happen to someone - and so surprisingly easily. Some people are calling this the ultimate Facebook prank, but to me, it should be reserved for your enemies only. Once you do this to someone, you will create a huge pain in the ass for him or her

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